How Genshin Impact Leaks Are Actually Helping The Game

There has been a lot of upheaval recently in the Genshin Impact leak community, as game developer miHoYo has started to crack down on big leak websites like Honey Impact and Bilibili, even though leaks may do more to help the game than harm it. There has always been some contention in the Genshin Impact community when it comes to leaks and rumors, as some players want to know everything about the future of the game, while others prefer to be surprised. Until now, the leakers had generally been left (at least relatively) alone to work in peace, but it seems that those days are over.

Not all leaks are created equal. To be entirely fair, story leaks are the literal worst of the bunch and can truly ruin the gaming experience for a lot of players. And while there have been some story leaks recently, those aren’t what tend to get most widely circulated. Instead, it’s things like character banner dates, new character information, events, and new regions/locations that get the most attention.

The biggest bit of information that has been leaked recently involves new playable characters and limited character banners. This type of leak is arguably the most useful and beneficial to players, especially those who are free-to-play Genshin Impact players who gather Primogems organically. Getting a new five-star character isn’t always easy or even guaranteed. In order to guarantee a five-star character, players need 28,800 Primogems. This can take a ridiculous amount of time to accumulate and is almost impossible to do on short notice. Recently, miHoYo has been announcing upcoming characters the banner or two before they release, and while this is certainly helpful, it isn’t necessarily enough time to prepare. If players don’t want to spend the $300+ necessary to purchase that amount of Primogems, they need to know ahead of time who they want to wish for. In this case, leaks are extremely useful and, potentially, a money-saver. If miHoYo is dead set against leaks, it would be easy to make them irrelevant by releasing a list of characters coming or getting reruns several months in advance.

Genshin Impact Leaks Can Be A Good Thing

The other type of leaks that have been circulating within the Genshin Impact community have been about new/upcoming events and regions. While it is understandable if some players want to be completely surprised about these things, the leaks are almost always fairly vague, and certainly not always completely accurate. These kinds of leaks can actually generate hype for upcoming content and make fans excited to play. While there has been quite a lot of new content released for Genshin Impact in the 2.0 and 2.1 updates, it still doesn’t take very long for some players to go through it. Many want to know what they have to look forward to in future updates, and the leaks provide some of that information.

The only information miHoYo has provided that resembles a roadmap is the order that the elemental regions are releasing in. With a game that is allegedly going to be supported for several years, it’s not unreasonable for players to want to know what’s coming next. If miHoYo wants to be completely in control of these announcements, then it needs to release roadmaps for coming content. These wouldn\’t even necessarily need to be highly specific or detailed, just enough so players can see ahead and have an idea about what to look forward to. It can be difficult to provide dates for big releases when the content isn’t finished, but even slightly more specific release dates would do a lot of good for the Genshin Impact community. Players want to find reasons to be excited, but as of right now, they have to rely on leakers to provide that hype because miHoYo doesn’t announce new regions, content, or events until much closer to their release. So until there is some kind of timeline revealed for the future of the game, these rumors and leaks will still have a valuable role to play.

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