How Genshin Impact’s Dendro Could Work With Other Elements

Genshin Impact’s long-awaited Dendro element is expected to premiere along with the region of Sumeru, home of the Dendro Archon. With the release of the Chasm in Genshin Impact in Version 2.6, players can expect to see Dendro as a playable element soon. However, seeing as this element is currently scarce in the open-world, there are many possibilities as to how a playable Dendro vision will react with others.

As an important aspect of Genshin Impact’s combat, Elemental Reactions can aid tremendously in battles against difficult opponents. Understanding how each element works together can help players properly build teams and ensure success in challenges such as Domains or new Bosses. This may also factor in future Character pulls, as players will need to consider if Dendro will be beneficial or detrimental to their current team’s lineup.

Genshin Impact gives hints on how the Dendro element could work with its existing enemies and mechanics. Baizhu of Bubu Pharmacy is the only Dendro-user who has been introduced so far, but his skills have yet to be revealed. Though sparse, there is some evidence to help speculate how Dendro will react with other elements. With the release of Sumeru, the Dendro element may provide game-changing strategies, which may influence completion rates for the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact and overall playability.

Genshin Impact’s Dendro Can Make or Break Elemental Reactions

Currently, in Genshin Impact the Dendro status can only be inflicted onto characters via the fields summoned by Dendro Samachurls and poisonous clouds from Dendro Slimes. When characters inflicted with Dendro come into contact with Pyro, they will begin Burning, which causes characters to take increased amounts of continuous Pyro damage. Some Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guards and Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurls are able to construct a Dendro projectile to launch at players. Additionally, Large Dendro Slimes have the ability to multiply and create regular Dendro Slimes.

With most Dendro-wielding monsters, characters with a Dendro vision may be able to create shields or constructs. When it comes to Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact, some elements may work best with others in certain situations. Seeing as Hydro extinguishes Pyro, a Hydro-Dendro reaction could create a stronger, more durable Dendro attack. Since Dendro comes from grass and other natural constructs, it makes sense for Hydro to strengthen and reinforce it. When it comes to an Electro-Dendro reaction, this could mean sustained DMG to enemies trapped within the Dendro field. Similar to the Electrocharged reaction via Hydro-Electro, Electro-Dendro can enhance Dendro’s offensive abilities by providing a deadlier, sustained attack.

A Cryo-Dendro reaction could either weaken Dendro’s offensive abilities or greatly enhance it. When thinking about plants covered in layers of frost, it makes those plants susceptible to breakage if there is foul intent. At the same time, the frost creates a protective barrier that seals away the plant’s vulnerability. Therefore, Cryo-Dendro reactions may be able to significantly harm enemies while simultaneously protecting its user.

As with most Geo reactions, Geo-Dendro may be able to Crystallize, earning the player an Elemental Shard and a corresponding Dendro shield. Anemo as an element Swirls other elements alongside it. Anemo-Dendro could react similarly to Geo-Dendro where it does not create a powerful reaction since it could be difficult to Swirl a Dendro construct. Alternatively, Anemo-Dendro could increase and multiply Dendro’s field of attack in a whirlwind similar to the Elemental Burst of Genshin Impact’s 5-star Anemo-user Kazuha. With Sumeru on the horizon, Genshin Impact’s Dendro element may be made playable very soon.

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