How Genshin Impact’s New 5-Star Wish System Works

Genshin Impact\’s 2.3 livestream was held last week, which revealed a surprise new Wish system for future 5-star Banner rerun characters. One of the largest and most loved aspects of Genshin Impact is its characters, a good portion of which are 5-star characters and therefore only obtainable through Wishes. There have been quite a few 5-star characters added to the game since its release over a year ago, many of whom haven’t been available since their initial release.

In order to allow newer players the chance of getting these characters, their Banners are given reruns, but because of how many 5 star characters there are at this point, it could take quite a while to get through them all. Especially considering all of the new 5-stars that are continuously added to Genshin Impact. The Genshin Impact 2.3 livestream introduced a new solution to this problem by having two Banner reruns at the same time.

For Version 2.3, the 5-star characters rerunning at the same time will be Albedo and Eula. This does not mean that both characters will be sharing a Banner. Instead, they will each have their own separate Banner Wish that will be running simultaneously. So when 2.3 goes live, there will be three limited Banners for players to wish from: Albedo’s Banner, Eula’s Banner, and the Weapons Banner. Albedo’s and Eula’s Wishes will be running for the same amount of time, roughly three weeks, before Arataki Itto’s Banner is released in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact’s New Wish System Prioritizes Character Reruns

The biggest change will this new Genshin Impact Wish system is with its Pity. Usually, when players wish on a limited 5-star character Banner, they build pity until they get their first 5-star character, and then it resets. If they lose the 50/50 and get an off-Banner character, their next 5-star pull will be guaranteed to be the limited character. All of these things are still true with this new system, except that the pity is now shared between both banners.

For example, if the player pulls on Albedo’s Banner 50 times, they build 50 pity. They will also have 50 pity built on Eula’s Banner without having to specifically Wish on it. As the 2.3 livestream stated, if the player wishes on Albedo’s Banner 50 times without getting a 5-star character, they will be guaranteed to pull one within 40 wishes on either banner. Basically, one wish on Albedo’s Banner equals one wish on Eula’s Banner and vice versa. It is almost as if they share a Banner except that players will only be able to get Albedo or Eula by pulling on their specific Wish.

It was announced in the Genshin Impact 2.3 livestream that this new system will only be used for character rerun Banners as a way to cycle through them faster. So all new characters will still be receiving their own Banners just like before. For those that have been waiting a long time to see their favorites return, they will be happy to know that reruns will now be a more frequent and expedited process, though they may need to start saving those Primogems now.

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