How Genshin Impact’s New Alternate Outfits Compare To The Old Ones

As of January 27, 2022, some Genshin Impact characters have officially received Alternate Outfits. The characters who have received these Outfits are 5-star Anemo-user Jean, 5-star Hydro-user Mona, 4-star Pyro-user Amber, and 4-star Cryo-user Rosaria. These Outfits can be found in the Character Menu’s Dressing Room, indicated by a hanger icon. Below the Outfit tab, players will also be able to find all the different Wind Gliders in Genshin Impact that they have unlocked for their characters.

Players will be able to claim these new Outfits immediately via in-game mail, which is valid for 30 days. If players do not claim the mail within the time frame but have the corresponding characters, the Alternate Outfits will be unlocked automatically following the Version 2.5 update. For players who do not have these characters, these Alternate Outfits will be unlocked automatically after obtaining each character.

After the Version 2.5 update, the appearances of Jean, Mona, Amber, and Rosaria as NPCs will reflect the new Alternate Outfits in the quests of previous versions. The Standard Wish Banner, Wanderlust Invocation – which features 5-Star characters Mona, Keqing, and Qiqi – will be adjusted to include Mona’s Alternate Outfit. Lastly, animated cutscenes from Version 2.6 and earlier will also be receiving appearance adjustments for these characters.

Genshin Impact: Dandelion Knight Jean Alternate Outfit – Gunnhildr’s Legacy

5-Star Anemo Sword-user Jean was first introduced early in Genshin Impact’s \”Prologue, Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.\” She is Mondstadt’s Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius and is often hard at work. The description of her Alternate Outfit states: “This classic knight’s ceremonial outfit is suited to all manner of occasions.” The description of her previous Outfit says: “Neat and smart clothing that emphasizes her chivalry.”

Jean’s Alternate Outfit features a slight color change of her shawl and cape from a navy blue to a darker blue. The subtle accents on her waistcoat have changed from black and red to a dark turquoise. The most notable difference is the addition of a black button-up and white lapel combination for Jean’s top instead of the previous corset cut. The color of her gloves has changed from dark blue to black with white wrist braces. The inside of her jacket features gold accents along with Anemo-colored designs that match the Vision at her collar.

Genshin Impact: Astral Reflection Mona Alternate Outfit – Pact of Stars and Moon

5-Star Hydro Catalyst-user Mona is most known for her affinity for astrology and the nature of Teyvat. The Traveler first meets her in the Unreconciled Stars Event where she narrowly saves the traveler from being struck down by Genshin Impact’s Sixth Harbinger, Scaramouche. The description of Mona’s Alternate Outfit states: “A costume made specifically to encompass the astrological concept of ‘the destined moment,’ thanks to the 30% discount ticket she got from the planetarium refund.” Mona’s previous Outfit description states: “A light astrologist’s outfit that does away with superfluous fabric to provide top quality at an affordable price.”

Mona’s overall outfit theme has shifted from purple, black, and brown to blue, purple, and red. The largest difference is the change from a one-piece leotard and sheer tights to a one-piece garment with bottoms that resemble shorts. This is paired with ombre purple, thigh-high leggings with star embellishments. Mona’s hat is altered to be blue on top with a brighter red underneath. The bow that adorns the hat is now red and blue rather than the previous black. Her cape – previously purple on the outside and red on the inside – is now dark blue on the outside and an ombre red on the inside. Stars were also added to accent the inside of cape.

Genshin Impact: Gliding Champion Amber Alternate Outfit – 100% Outrider

4-Star Pyro Bow-user Amber is the first character players meet aside from Genshin Impact’s Anemo Archon, Venti, and the first character the player receives for their team. She is also the one who teaches the traveler how to glide using Wind Gliders. The description for Amber’s Alternate Outfit states: “This is a more formal – but no less cool – version of the Outrider’s uniform!” Amber’s previous Outfit description says: “An Outrider’s uniform made for maximum mobility.”

For Amber’s top, buttons were added as well as some pleats similar to Jean’s previous top. The dark accent of her corset has been changed to white with red lining. Lacing has been added along the sides to match the lacing on her sleeves. Amber’s shorts have changed from brown with small slits to red with a longer, frilled lining underneath. Additionally, Amber’s gloves have been changed from brown to white. The pouch resting on her hip has changed from black and brown to black and beige with red and gold straps.

Genshin Impact: Thorny Benevolence Rosaria Alternate Outfit – To the Church’s Free Spirit

Though Rosaria has yet to receive her own Character Quest or Hangout Event in Genshin Impact, she can be seen in the \”Archon Quest, Act IV: We Will Be Reunited\” or Albedo’s Story Quest – \”Princeps Cretaceus Chapter\” – where she confides in the Traveler of her suspicions for the lone Alchemist. The description for Rosaria’s Alternate Outfit states: “This seems to have been custom-made for her by the Church.” As for her previous Outfit, the description says: “Rosaria has heavily modified this particular Church of Favonius uniform.”

The lining on Rosaria’s headpiece is now black rather than the previous white. The upper part of her dress has been modified to have black sleeves that cover her shoulders. The middle part of her top is now a segment of white on top of a black base rather than fully white. Buckles were added at her waist to replace the asymmetrical binding. The flaps of her dress have added grey and gold striped accents. Most notably, her fishnet leggings and boots have been exchanged for a black pant/boot combination with stitches going up from behind. There is a sheer segment on one leg with buckles wrapped around it. The design of her boots has changed slightly to match the striped accents on her dress. Whether with major or minor changes, players will be able to see these Alternate Outfits in Genshin Impact as soon as they log in.

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