How Gorou Improves Genshin Impact Geo Teams

Gorou, the general of the Wasatsumi Army that rebelled against the Raiden Shogun, was introduced as a playable character during Genshin Impact\’s 2.3 update. Upon release, Gorou received praise for his supportive Talents within Geo-focused teams despite his niche role. As a Geo supporter, not only can Gorou increase ally damage but can also increase the effectiveness of Geo crystallized reactions.

Gorou uses a bow in Genshin Impact and is effective in dealing consistent Geo damage within a small area. He is not considered a DPS character, but a support unit meant to enhance the other attackers within the party. Gorou\’s Talents can also increase defense and resistance for everyone, which will improve survivability and boost damage for allies that scale with DEF stats.

Gorou\’s Elemental Skill is dependent on the number of Geo characters in the team. If he is the only Geo user, his skill will grant a DEF stat bonus to the active character within the field created by his ability. Having two Geo units will increase resistance to interruption, which prevents the main DPS character from being staggered while attacking. By having three Geo characters in a party, Gorou will increase Geo damage by 15%. Gorou\’s Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact offers the same effects as his Elemental Skill, but will also deal consistent Geo damage to enemies every 1.5 seconds. The Talent will pull Elemental Shards created by Crystilzied reactions, offering a temporary elemental shield to protect allies.

Best Characters To Use With Gorou In Genshin Impact

Gorou works best supporting Geo characters that scale with DEF stats for damage. A sub-DPS ally like Albedo who can deal significant damage off-field would not gain the buffs from Gorou\’s Elemental Skill because the boost only applies to active characters on the field. Albedo will benefit from one of Gorou\’s passive, which increases all party\’s DEF by 25% whenever he uses his skill. Noelle in Genshin Impact is an excellent ally to pair with Gorou because she can provide a shield for the team.

Having two Geo users within a party will grant players the Elemental Resonance Enduring Rock, which increases the ally\’s damage output by 15% when protected by a shield as well as decreases enemy Geo resistance by 20%. Noelle at Constellation 6 will gain the ability to increase her ATK stats by 50% of her DEF, taking full advantage of Gorou\’s Talents. Zhongli can also provide a shield for the party in order to obtain the benefits from Enduring Rock. As a Sub-DPS character, Zhongli will deal significant damage by placing three Geo users in the team.

Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact is perhaps one of the best characters to use with Gorou. Itto\’s attack bonus scales to his DEF stats, similar to Noelle. Using three Geo characters will further increase Itto\’s Geo damage and prevent interruptions, allowing the Oni to attack enemies relentlessly without stopping. Despite synergizing well with specific characters, with the right team members, Gorou can be an asset for all Geo allies.

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