How long does it take to get from AR 50 to AR 55 in Genshin Impact?

Well, this depends on how often you play the game, and how can you maximizing all the resources, since you need to spend all your resin, so you can get optimal results.

Currently, you can get 1260 Resins each week, while you’re getting 180 Resins each day naturally, in which you can spend it on these activities:

  • Weekly Bosses

There are 4 weekly bosses available currently, and you can spend 150 resins to complete them all, where you’ll get 300 EXP each.

  • World Bosses

There are currently 7 world bosses available, and you can spend 40 Resins to get the reward, which is 200 EXP for each bosses.

  • Domains/Leylines

Both of them costs 20 Resins, and you’ll get 100 EXP each time you claim the rewards.

  • Crafting Magical Ores

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to spend your resin, where you can craft 3 Magical Crystal Ores + 10 Resin to get 6 Mystic Enhancement Ores + 50 EXP

So if you’re maximizing your resin usage, you can get max. 6750 EXP from resins weekly, where you can split on all of those activities.

There’s also commissions that you can do every day, where you can get 1500 EXP everyday if you complete them all + get the rewards from Katheryne. So if you complete them all, you’ll get a total of 10,500 EXP every week only from daily commissions.

Now, you need approx. 156,000 EXP from AR 50 to AR 55. So if you’re playing every day & doing all of the activities above, which is spending all your resins + doing daily commissions, then you can reach AR 55 in less than 3 months (9–10 weeks to be exact).

Of course, you can speed things up, since you can get more EXPs from doing these things:

  • Opening Treasure Chests (there’s TONS of them in the new area)
  • Collecting Anemo & Geoculus, and upgrading your Statue of Seven (if both statues are still not maxed)
  • Upgrading the Dragonspine Tree (if you’re still not maxed it)
  • Completing Quests (Archon, Story, World)
  • Spend Fragile Resins, or buying Resins using Primogems (more resins = more activities)
  • Completing hangout events (if you haven’t done it)
  • Defeating Unusual Hilichurls (you can defeat it 10x max, but you need to go to your friend’s world, since it has 12 hours respawn time)

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