How Old Is Aether In Genshin Impact?

Whether as a playable character (the Traveler) or an NPC, Aether is a part of Genshin Impact’s cast without a strictly defined age. Like other characters in the game’s impressive cast, there are clues that allow fans to make educated guesses as to Aether’s real age. Although he appears young, he’s one of the older characters in the game.

Players are given the option of a male or female protagonist at the start of Genshin Impact. The character left unchosen will be their twin sibling. Aether is the twin brother for those who choose the female character. The two siblings traveled across the universe until they were stopped and captured by an Unknown God, setting up the current events of Genshin Impact into motion.

As an NPC and the protagonist’s sibling, this male version of the Traveler is named Aether. If players choose him, his sister will be an NPC, and she’ll be given the name Lumine. As the protagonist, players can name Aether whatever they’d like, but Lumine will still refer to him as “Aether,” while as an NPC Aether will refer to the protagonist as Lumine. This gives them both a sense of solidified character despite the protagonist’s spoken lines being chosen by the player themselves. Their importance in Genshin Impact’s story has given fans some clues as to their true age.

Aether\’s Approximate Age In Genshin Impact

Although Aether has a youthful appearance, which fans speculate is approximately in the 15 to 17 year age range, he and his sister have been alive for far, far longer. They both witnessed the destruction of Khaenri’ah, otherwise known as the Cataclysm, which occurred 500 years prior to the main events of Genshin Impact. Although one of the Travelers was placed into a deep sleep during this time, their sibling managed to escape the imprisonment, and they both still retain a youthful appearance despite awakening at different times. These twins are one of numerous Genshin Impact characters whose true age doesn’t match how young they look.

It’s unclear just how long either of the Traveler siblings was alive before being captured by the Unknown God. Aether could potentially be even older depending on how long he and his sister were traveling through the universe before they encountered her. With what Genshin Impact fans know so far of its ever-expanding story, Aether is at the very least over 500 years old.

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