How Old Is Diona In Genshin Impact?

Diona Kätzlein is one of Genshin Impact’s many lovable characters whose official age isn’t made entirely clear. The beloved gacha and action RPG has been running globally since September 28, 2020, and is playable on PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version has been announced, although details haven’t been provided on its progress since 2020.

Genshin Impact’s cast of 44 playable characters have undefined ages, although players can get a rough approximation based on details included in the game. Some characters’ ages are easier to pinpoint than others, from information in character stories, interactions between each other, and sometimes, but definitely not always, appearance. Fans have used these sorts of hints to come up with reasonable guesses for the ages of the cast.

Diona\’s birthday in Genshin Impact is January 18. She’s a 4 star Cryo character who is available through regular Wishes. She was first added to the game November 11, 2020, not long after the game initially released. Her weapon of choice are bows. Despite her youthful appearance, Diona works as a bartender at the Cat’s Tail tavern in the City of Mondstadt. She hates alcohol to the point where she’d prefer if the Mondstadt wine industry crashed, but she was given a magic touch that makes her mix the most delicious drinks, only making the Cat’s Tail even more popular. Diona’s unique backstory and strained relationship with her father, Draff, whose drunkenness was the catalyst for her hatred of alcohol, has provided fans with some basis to deduce her approximate age.

Diona\’s Approximate Age In Genshin Impact

Along with Qiqi and Klee, Diona is one of Genshin Impact’s youngest playable characters in terms of appearance. The former two are speculated to be 10 years old or perhaps even younger. Diona, by comparison, is more mature and even has a job, even if her reasons for taking the job were initially to try to sabotage it. Some fans have guessed she may be as old as 14, but her appearance seems closer to 12.

When comparing the characters’ in-game model heights, Diona is only marginally taller than Klee and Qiqi. Fans have approximated Diona’s height at 4’ 7” or 140 cm, compared to Klee at 4’ 5” (135 cm) and Qiqi at 4’ 4” (133 cm). It’s very likely that the fans’ hypothesis of Diona being slightly older than Klee and Qiqi is accurate. In Genshin Impact, Diona isn’t the youngest playable character, but at approximately 12 years old, she’s very close.

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