How Shenhe Improves Genshin Impact Cryo Teams

Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.4 update introduced Shenhe as a new playable character that gamers can attempt to pull for. Upon her release, Shenhe received mixed reviews about her performance in the game due to her niche role within a team. Despite being a situational character in battle, Shenhe\’s Talents greatly enhance Cryo-focused allies, which significantly improves Cryo teams.

Shenhe uses a polearm in Genshin Impact and wields a Cryo Vision. Her skills in battle are a mixture of supporting the party\’s main DPS character while acting as a Sub-DPS herself, usually switching in and out of battle to unleash attacks. Shenhe\’s Talents can increase Cryo damage for all allies while also decreasing the enemy\’s Cryo resistance, resulting in higher overall damage for the element.

Shenhe\’s Elemental Skill will increase all Cryo attacks for a set amount of hits, offering a flat damage boost based on her current ATK stats. In order to fully utilize her Talent, players should consider equipping as many ATK percentage Artifacts for Shenhe in Genshin Impact. One of her passive abilities will also increase either the party\’s Normal, Charged, and Plunging attacks or Elemental Skill and Burst attacks by 15% depending on whether the player taps or holds her skill. Shenhe\’s Burst will create a field that deals Cryo damage even if she\’s off-field. Enemies within the field will have a 6% to 15% Cryo and Physical damage resistance lowered depending on the Talent\’s level. An additional 15% Cryo buff will be applied to the active character within the field created by Shenhe\’s Burst.

Best Characters To Use With Shenhe in Genshin Impact

Shenhe can ideally work with all Cryo characters because her Talents will help every ally who uses that element, but there are some Cryo characters in Genshin Impact that are more compatible with Shenhe. Ayaka and Ganyu are the strongest Cryo damage dealers in the game and will benefit the most from Shenhe\’s buffs. Both characters aren\’t reliant on Elemental Skills or Burst to deal Cryo damage because Ayaka and Ganyu\’s Normal or Charged Attacks are infused with the element, offering more consistency compared to others who are restricted by skill cooldowns.

Characters who possess Elemental Talents that can deal continuous Cryo damage to enemies when off-field will also benefit from Shenhe\’s support in Genshin Impact. Allies like Rosaria and Kaeya can unleash Elemental Burst attacks that will remain active for a short time, allowing players to switch to other party members to trigger powerful Elemental Reactions. Chongyun offers a unique ability to transform all character\’s Normal Attacks into Cryo damage. Combining it with Shenhe\’s Talents will mean allies, even non-Cryo Vision users will receive her buff.

There are some characters who are less compatible with Shenhe despite using a Cryo Vision. Eula, for example, will benefit from Shenhe\’s physical resistance debuff, but because Eula is a physical damage dealer, her Cryo attacks aren\’t consistent enough to fully leverage Shenhe\’s support. Aloy in Genshin Impact will also struggle with dealing consistent Cryo damage if players fail to trigger her Rushing Ice State, which is a known problem for Aloy. Despite being a niche character, Shenhe has improved Cryo teams greatly and will be a valuable asset for players looking to improve Cryo characters.

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