How strict are your parents?

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Background knowledge, I am 13, female, live with my 10 year old brother, 15 y/o sister, mom, and dad.


My mom picks out all of my clothes, they’re all pink short sleeved shirts which i don’t really like :/ if i try to pick out my own clothes she will scream at me


I have an ipad, but my mom goes through it daily (how i have quora is that i delete the app at the end of the day before my mom checks my ipad, and reinstall it ??) I also have a TV, with parental controls set to TV PG at the most.


Alright so, when i was about,,, 11 almost 12, my mom gave me her old bag of makeup, i never used it of course…. and guess why, because my mom didn’t allow me to! I never knew why my mom gave me a bag of makeup, just for me not to be allowed to use it. I used it in secret once, and uh… let’s just say i did not know how to do makeup at all…


Oh boy, so I have a medium sized TV, which is a roku, which means i have hulu, youtube, etc.. Me and my mom share a Hulu account (with different profiles) and i make a profile to watch whatever i want (Nothing bad don’t worry! just some anime) without her knowing. then i delete the account, i have my own account which just has kids shows in the recently watched, so she doesn’t get mad 🙂


I’m allowed one or two friends, but since the pandemic, i have no irl friends, which my nom is glad for. But online friends is a NO! Any online friends = a screaming at, and maybe a spank. But, i don’t really think i’m allowed friends because the last time i had a friend (who was really nice, her appearance was fine to my moms standards and everything) my mom made me stop being friends.


Anything below an A is terrible to my mom. B? No electronics for a week.


My parents are really strict christians so anything that’s a “sin” gets me in a lot of trouble. Dyed hair? Nope. Dating? Nah. Lgbtq? Not at all. Having the slightest sexual thought? NO!


Nope, nope nope nope nope. My parents are one of the most homophobic (and transphobic) people you’ll meet. I am panromantic, and i don’t know my sexuality yet because i’m 13, but i also use they/them pronouns, i really prefer those to she/her but my parents would murder me if they found out i like using they/them. My brother, he said he liked a boy as a joke before, and my parents were SOOOOO mad! My brother was trying not to cry so bad, but it just came out, and they got madder! I’m mostly talking about my mom. And, one time I called a girl cute, and i got screamed at.

Drinking, Drugs, Etc…

Oh god no. That’s all, no.


Here’s what i can say: heck, dang, shoot, fudge

What i can’t say: Damn, shot, fuck, crap, hell, etc, etc.


I’ve got caught watching something with the d word (damn) before when i was 12, and not allowed on youtube for a month. Recently, my mom found out i really liked a game called Danganronpa, and i might’ve had a bit of a crush on this girl from the game… Let’s just say, I’m not allowed on youtube for a while.


I’m not allowed to listen to anything, I really like Mitski (which there’s like one or two songs of hers that has a bad word,, out of like 70+?) and stuff like that, i don’t listen to any explicit songs, by the way, i listen to them in private, one time my mom caught me listening to billie ellish a while ago, and i got grounded.


I don’t get an allowance , i do lots of chores though.


Well, i don’t get any rewards for grades, and stuff like that. All A’s report card? I get a “Good, we expected that. But you can do better next time, try to get all 100% instead of all 100% and one 96%” I’m over exaggerating about the all 100% and one 96% part, but if i do get less than a 100, my parents do tell me to do better.


I’ve had ONE secret relationship, it was with a girl when i was 12. I always lied and said she was my friend, but we were dating. It ended fairly quickly because she was insulting me all the time, and stuff. But we’re still friends, she was in a bad place at that time.


My room is super boring, pink walls (I hate pink, i wanted blue or purple, but my mom said they were boy colors.) Nothing on it, no posters, no drawings, I have old dolls in there though. I don’t have a door, which I’m kinda sad about. My mom needs to watch me change so I don’t do anything inappropriate.


9pm, I have a hard time sleeping so i go to sleep at 12 in reality, my mom stands outside my door for about 30 minutes to make sure i’m asleep, i fake being asleep. My mom also goes in my room every 30 minutes to an hour to make sure I didn’t snatch my ipad from her room


I’m only allowed to go on school, and a draw online app. There’s some more like Dress Up Games and girly stuff like that. But i normally go in a private window and go to youtube.


My mom says I have to marry a rich man, be a doctor, and have 2 kids. I don’t want any of that, I’m not into men (for the time being), I don’t care about money, I don’t wanna be a doctor, I wanna be an artist, I don’t want any kids, I want cats.


My parents expect me to be into barbies, pink, skirts, girly stuff, all of that. But I’m into anime, Danganronpa, Genshin Impact, etc. My parents are not supportive of this.I get yelled at daily for it.

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