How to Activate the Mechanism in Genshin Impact (Relics of Seirai)

The Genshin Impact 2.1 update, released on September 1, 2021, includes two new areas: Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island. New playable characters, quests, and gameplay mechanics were added in this recent Genshin Impact update. Along with these features, there are also new puzzles for players to solve.

The two new unlocked areas are both located in Inazuma, a collection of small islands inspired by Japan. Unlike the beautiful, lively island of Watatsumi, Seirai is dark and perilous. The center of the island is plagued by a perpetual thunderstorm. Traveling to the island will give players the option to start the \”Relics of Seirai\” quest.

\”Relics of Seirai\” can be unlocked by locating Fujiwara Toshiko in the Koseki Village on Seirai Island. Players must defeat the Hilichurls attacking her before speaking to her. She explains that she is looking for treasure and offers to split what she finds with the Traveler in exchange for their protection. Finishing the quest also grants a small amount of Adventurer\’s Experience. After accepting the quest, Fujiwara Toshiko will give the Traveler a hint and wait for them at the first puzzle.

How to Solve the Mechanism Puzzles on Seirai in Genshin Impact

Seirai Island in Genshin Impact

The clue given by Fujiwara Toshiko is a map that shows three symbols with arrows indicating the correct order. Stepping on the symbols out of order during any of the puzzles will cause that puzzle to reset, and players will have to try again. Players must use the lever next to Fujiwara Toshiko to activate the first puzzle. The Traveler may step on any of the three symbols as long as the next two follow the flow of the arrows shown in the hint. The player can step on the right, left, then middle symbol, or middle, right, then left symbol; as long as the correct order is maintained. The next two puzzles will continue the same symbol pattern.

The second area has an inaccessible chest and a four-by-three grid of symbols on the ground. Players will again pull the lever near Fujiwara Toshiko to start the puzzle. The symbols are in a random order for each player, but the correct pattern is the same. They must start with one of the three symbols, then continue walking on them in the same order presented on the map. For reference, players can open their inventory and view the map at any time. Each symbol can only be stepped on once, and it will light up when active.

After completing the second step, the symbols will change, but the chest is still not unlocked. Players must start the mechanism again by pulling the lever one more time. They can then complete the last puzzle with the same strategy as the second one: start at one symbol, and continue the pattern from the map.

Fujiwara Toshiko will open the common treasure chest once the last puzzle is completed. She finds only a picture and is unable to split the treasure, so she says she\’ll pay the Traveler once they\’re back at her camp. As players escort Fujiwara Toshiko back, they\’ll have to fight three waves of enemies: Treasure Hoarders, Samurai, and Fatui. Once all enemies have been defeated and Fujiwara Toshiko is safely back at camp, players will receive three Hero\’s Wit, 30,000 Mora, 400 Adventurer\’s XP, and 50 Primogems. \”Relics of Seirai\” is just one of many new experiences offered to players in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update.

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