How to Beat La Signora in Genshin Impact

Introduced in Genshin Impact 2.1, La Signora is a new boss who is as formidably dangerous as she is beautiful. Players will need to always be on the move when fighting her and maintain their stamina bar for dodging her many attacks. During the fight, players must also manage the Sheer Cold and Blazing Heat debuff that will diminish their HP if not dealt with quickly. These complex challenges can make La Signora one of Genshin Impact\’s most difficult bosses.

Signora has multiple forms and attack patterns. Most of her attack animations in Genshin Impact are reasonably discernable, giving the player a moment to decide how they will react. Players will need to put heavy pressure on her, cutting down her HP before she covers the whole room with her damaging floor debuff.

To defeat La Signora in Genshin Impact, players need to focus on three things: managing the stamina bar for timely dodges, engaging with aggressive (close-up) attacks, and keeping the cold and heat debuff gauges from reaching max levels. Signora\’s boss battle has two distinct phases.

How to Beat La Signora in Genshin Impact

In Phase 1 of Genshin Impact 2.1\’s La Signora boss fight, she will cast a variety of telegraphed Cryo attacks, from homing projectiles to linear-flying icicles. Players should preserve their stamina to dodge the homing attacks while side-stepping the less direct projectiles. At this time, Signora will have a Cryo Resistance of 50%, so it\’s best to use Electro and Pyro attacks to deal damage effectively.

To abate her Sheer Cold debuff, players should run to one of the floating \”Heart of Flames\” in the arena. These fiery beacons will slowly decrease the cold of nearby characters, and destroying one will instantly dispel the debuff. Remaining in one area will make the player vulnerable, so it\’s best to break the beacon whenever the Sheer Cold gets too high.

After reaching low HP, La Signora will form a Cryo cocoon around herself. To break it, players should infuse heavy attacks with the Crimson Lotus Moths flying about the arena. When her HP reaches zero, Phase 2 of the boss battle will begin.

In the second phase of the boss fight with La Signora, she will go from casting Cryo attacks to using Pryo abilities. She will relentlessly rain heavy ranged attacks on the player and use her fire whip to deal melee Pryo damage. The trick is to stay close beside her to bait her whip attack. When she pulls out her weapon, players can dodge to the left and aggressively deal close-up damage. As long as the player stays near Signora, she will spam her whip strike, leaving a wide opening for attack. If the Blazing Heat buff rises too high, like before, players can break one of the icy Eyes of Frost beacons in the corners of the arena.

When La Signora reaches around 25% HP, she will turn into a flaming tornado and rampage around the room, sending out smaller whirlwinds of fire as well. To avoid this attack, players should stand in one of the arena\’s corners while evading the small tornados. Finally, La Signora will release a charged blazing meteor attack. At this moment, players have a chance to close the distance and finish off the last of her HP.

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