How to Complete the Challenge of the Starry Sky in Genshin Impact

How to Complete the Challenge of the Starry Sky in Genshin Impact

\”Pass the challenge of the starry sky\” is the tenth objective of \”The Ancient Azure Stars,\” the Event Quest in Genshin Impact featuring Mona\’s story arc in the Summertime Odyssey Event. This Event Quest takes place after \”Immernachtreich Apokalypse,\” the quest chain featuring Fischl, during which the Traveler had to explore and repair a massive castle structure while searching for volumes of the \”Hymn of the Holy Land.\” This was also the mission that required players to find missing pieces of Fischl\’s toy castle. Undoubtedly, many portions of the Event Quest left many Travelers wondering what they needed to do.

Similarly, \”Pass the challenge of the starry sky\” is also a rather vague task that Genshin Impact fans might be at a loss of what their goal is. After entering the Domain of Minacious Isle, Temple of the Star Latitudes, the Traveler will encounter an Astral Puzzle and a \”strange star\” leading them to their destination where they are forced to control Mona, the Hydro astrologist. Next, they must touch a golden beacon that triggers the event, \”Challenge of the Starry Sky.\”
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\”Challenge of the Starry Sky\” will start a one-minute timer and begin spawning a barrage of shooting stars traveling across the screen. During this time, the camera will rise up while tilting downwards, giving the player an overhead view of Mona in Genshin Impact. The key to completing the \”Pass the challenge of the starry sky\” objective in Genshin Impact lies in the hint of the task on the upper-left side of the screen: \”Hit(s) Taken: 0/30.\”

How To Pass The Challenge Of The Starry Sky In Genshin Impact

Doing The Starry Sky Challenge In Genshin Impact

What many Genshin Impact fans might think is that they are supposed to catch 30 shooting stars that pass across the screen. After all, these objects are harmless and do no damage to Mona. However, after collecting 30 stars, players will come to the disappointing realization that they\’ve failed the Domain and must restart to redo the challenge. Accordingly, the goal is to \”avoid being hit more than 30 times.\”
Keep in mind that it does not matter how many times the player comes into contact with the stars. As long as they do not touch 30 within the displayed countdown timer, they will be able to complete the challenge and progress with the Event Quest\’s story in Genshin Impact. Later on, players will have a second chance to redo the \”Challenge of the Starry Sky.\” While this might sound pointless, fulfillment of the challenge this time will reward participants with a Luxurious Chest. Furthermore, they are free to use whichever character they wish, including Geo and Ameno characters who can use their Elemental abilities to avoid the shooting stars with ease.

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