How to Defeat the Hydro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 2.1 offers an abundance of new experiences, including new boss battles. There are many new features to explore with the addition of Watatsami and Seirai Islands. Players have the ability to track down and fight La Signora, Electro Oceanid, and Hydro Hypostasis.

The game\’s most recent update includes the scenic Watatsami Island, where players can test their skills and try out new characters. Genshin Impact has now released six Hypostasis bosses – the missing element being Dendo (nature). The newest boss, Hydro Hypostasis, is a normal boss with water-based attacks.

To access the Hydro Hypostasis boss fight, players will first have to travel to Watatsami Island in Inazuma. The area is unlocked after completing Chapter II: Act I of the Archon quests – The Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia. Then, players can travel to the top-right landmass of Watatsumi, the Suigetsu Pool. There is a landbridge with an open archway that leads to the boss. Approaching the blue cube will cause it to break apart, briefly exposing the core; then, the fight begins.

Defeating Hydro Hypostasis In Genshin Impact

Hydro Hypostasis boss fight in Genshin Impact

As with other Hypostasis bosses in Genshin Impact, the Hydro Hypostasis has a variety of attacks in its arsenal. As soon as it opens up, it performs an explosive bubble attack that covers a small area. Players can easily dodge the attack by moving away at the start of the fight. The Hydro Hypostasis can also transform into a group of dolphins that jump and crash down, or form a twister that causes Hydro damage and makes bubbles rise up around the arena. When it is critically low on health, the Hydro Hypostasis will summon three large Water Droplets that move slowly toward the core. They can heal the boss if they reach it, so players must destroy the droplets and defeat the Hydro Hypostasis.

Damage can only be inflicted to the Hydro Hypostasis when the core is exposed. Due to the water-base of this enemy, it is vulnerable to elemental reactions from Cryo, Electro, and Pyro – triggering frozen, electro-charged, and vaporize respectively. It\’s recommended that players have an Electro character such as Raiden Shogun, a new 5-star obtainable from Genshin Impact\’s Gacha system. Otherwise, any Electro character will provide an advantage, and having a combination of characters adept with any or all of the effective elements will make this fight much easier.

Due to the core only being exposed for a limited time, a lot of the fight will be spent dodging attacks from the Hydro Hypostasis. As long as players keep moving and utilize elemental reactions, they should be able to defeat this boss fairly quickly. After winning the fight, the Traveler can approach the sprouted plant in the middle of the arena to claim their reward, which includes the Dew of Repudiation, using 40 Resin, an energy resource in Genshin Impact. Currently, the only character who can use the Dew of Repudiation is Sangnomiya Kokomi, although there may be more characters who require this reward in the future.

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