How to Drain Suigetsu Pool in Genshin Impact (Palace in a Pool Domain)

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action RPG, and puzzles, such as one found at Suigetsu Pool on Watatsumi Island in Inazuma, are a major component of the game. Each puzzle offers different rewards for completing them, but some puzzles must be completed to open new areas. This is the case for the Palace in a Pool Domain.

The objective of the puzzle itself is pretty clear. Looking down into the pool will reveal the door to the domain. Players need to drain the pool, and to do so, they will need to interact with the four Electro Elemental Pillars around the pool. However, the pillars are locked with a red ring seal that must be unlocked first.

There are other devices nearby: a Mysterious Pillar, Thunder Spheres, a Discharge Stone, Lightning Strike Probes, and an Electrogranum. Players need to properly interact with all of these to solve the puzzle. Start first by interacting with the Mysterious Pillar. It stands out as the one device with a blue glow amid all the purple. Activating it changes the locations of Thunder Spheres above the pit, making traversal in Genshin Impact easier.

Steps for Unlocking the Palace in a Pool Domain

Genshin Impact Suigetsu Pool from Above

The next step in this Genshin Impact puzzle is to interact with the Electrogranum (the twisted tree with Sakura blossoms) to properly align the Lightning Strike Probes (the devices with arrows on them). They are properly aligned when they have a bright purple glow. Players can work with the Discharge Stone and Thunder Spheres to make it easier. Once the Lightning Strike Probes are all aligned, they unlock the red rings around the Electro Elemental Pillars.

Now the player must get a character who uses electro to activate the pillars. This must be done quickly, so using a catalyst character such as Genshin Impact\’s Lisa is the best option here. After activating all the pillars, the pool drains. There’s only one problem. The pool doesn’t drain completely. There are additional steps to complete before the puzzle can be solved and the way to the domain opened.

Drop down into the pool and there is now a tunnel open that is filled with water. It is a bit of a swim, so make sure that the character’s stamina meter is high. At the end of the tunnel is a tree root that the player can climb up to reach dry land. Within is a room with three wall switches that open a gate. Go through the gate and look up. The ceiling has partially collapsed, meaning the player can climb to the floor above. There are locked gates activated by switches next to them, but the important thing here is the cube switch. Pressing this one drains the water the rest of the way.

Now. all that is needed is to make it back to the entrance of the domain and interact to unlock it. There is more to explore in this area of Genshin Impact, with rewards for doing so, but this is the first step into the Palace in a Pool Domain.

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