How to Get 100% Exploration in an Area in Genshin Impact

For players in the late-game sections of Genshin Impact, earning 100% exploration on areas is a fun personal achievement they may want to work toward. For players who have reached Adventurer Rank 55 and beyond and have run out of things to do, or players who are looking for a break from Inazuma, working toward achieving 100% exploration on areas around Teyvat is a way to enjoy exploring the game and to earn some goodies along the way.

Each named area in Genshin Impact has an exploration progress number associated with it, which can be seen on the main map. Reaching 100% exploration progress in an area means players have collected every single collectible in that zone. While doing this doesn’t unlock any specific achievements, it’s something to work toward for a change of pace and to ensure players aren’t missing any big collectibles.

Each region of Teyvat has a different number of areas with exploration progress. In Mondstadt, these areas include Brightcrown Mountains, Starfell Valley, Windwail Highland, Galesong Hill, and Dragonspine. In Liyue, this includes Bishui Plain, Qiongji Estuary, Minlin, Lisha, and Sea of Clouds. Finally, Inazuma includes Narukami Island, Kannazuka, Yashiori Island, Watatsumi Island, and Seirai Island for now.

How to Reach 100% Exploration Progress in an Area in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Player Gliding for Anemoculus Mondstadt

There are various things that contribute to an area’s exploration progress. The first, and easiest, is unlocking teleportation spots. This includes Teleporters, Statues of the Seven, Shrines, and Domains. Players must unlock Shrines using keys, which are usually obtained during that area’s story quest or through the Adventurer’s Guild, to increase their exploration progress.

In addition to the Statues of the Seven, collecting Anemoculus, Geoculus, and Electroculus also contributes to this percentage. Throughout all of Genshin Impact, there are 65 Anemoculus, 131 Geoculus, and 151 Electroculus to collect. While this may seem overwhelming, the Genshin Impact interactive map marks the location of all of these items. In addition, players who have reached a certain Reputation level in Mondstadt and Liyue can craft the Geoculus/Anemoculus tracker, which makes finding not yet obtained Geoculus and Anemoculus much easier.

Chests and Seelies also count towards area exploration progress. Precious, Luxurious, and Exquisite Chests are all included. This means players will want to complete any quests they have in that area to see if they get access to any new chests. Players can also use the Liyue or Mondstadt Treasure Trackers, obtained by reaching a certain Reputation level in that region, to point to any nearby chests. There’s no specific way to find Seelies that haven’t been led home yet in the game; however, the Genshin Interactive map has marked every Seelie location.

Achieving 100% exploration progress in Dragonspine also requires players to collect all 80 Crimson Agates. These can be used to level up the main tree in Dragonspine, which grants plenty of great rewards. Finally, completing regular world puzzles is the final contributing factor to reaching a perfect exploration progress score in each area of Genshin Impact.

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