How to Get Salt in Genshin Impact

With the release of the 2.3 update for Genshin Impact, some players have had trouble locating salt which is needed to complete Albedo\’s story quest. Albedo is one of the Geo characters that players can be obtained and used in combat through Event Wishes in Genshin Impact. Albedo has only been available once before the 2.3 update, so it\’s unclear if he\’l be available again. Those looking to complete Albedo\’s story quest will eventually need to cook a specific recipe that uses salt.

Albedo\’s story quest will need to be completed before playing the Snowy Past event in Genshin Impact. Finishing each section of the story quest will award players with various rewards including Adventurers\’ Experience, Hero\’s Wit, and Mora. In the fourth part of the quest, players will need to cook Sunshine Sprat at a campfire. Although many cooking ingredients can be found while exploring, salt has to be obtained another way.

Sunshine Sprat takes three butter, three fish, one butter, and one small lamp grass. Salt can be purchased at certain stores for Mora and used in a variety of valuable recipes, such as Woodland Dream, Golden Crab, and Sunshine Sprat. Players need to collect salt to cook the Sunshine Sprat and deliver it to Albedo in Genshin Impact in order to progress in his story quest and his third experiment.

Getting Salt in Genshin Impact

Salt will cost players 60 Mora each and can be purchased at three different stores. The price stays the same no matter which store players go to for the ingredient. Salt is sold by Dongsheng in Liyue Harbor, Blanche in the City of Mondstadt, and Aoi in Inazuma City. Players can travel to any of these three General Goods stores in Genshin Impact to buy salt for 60 Mora, then use it to create different dishes, like the Sunshine Sprat that is needed for Albedo in Genshin Impact.

To cook the Sunshine Sprat, players will also need to find butter, fish, and a small lamp grass. Butter can be crafted using milk which can be purchased at the same stores that the salt is found in. Fish can be found in most bodies of water and players can hunt them with a bow. The small lamp grass is a light-emitting plant that glows at night, and players can find it while traveling and exploring. Collecting these ingredients along with buying salt will let players progress in Albedo\’s story quest.

Salt is one of the ingredients that is needed for the Sunshine Sprat, but it can also be used to create many other dishes. It\’s a relatively inexpensive cooking ingredient that can only be purchased in specific General Goods stores. Genshin Impact 2.3 includes a variety of new missions for players to complete, including Albedo\’s story mission which requires players to have salt.

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