How To Solve The Broken Isle Pyro Pillar Puzzle in Genshin Impact

How To Solve The Broken Isle Pyro Pillar Puzzle in Genshin Impact

While exploring the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact, Travelers will encounter some tricky challenges, one of which is the \”Pyro Pillar Puzzle\” of the Broken Isle. The Broken Isle is a subarea located in the western portion of Summertime Odyssey\’s Golden Apple Archipelago. This island\’s Pyro Elemental Monument Puzzle can be found underground in a cave system concealed beneath the isle\’s western peak. To access this secret cave in Genshin Impact, Travelers must first complete \”Blazin\’ Trails.\”
\”Blazin\’ Trails\” is one of the Event Quests in Summertime Odyssey featuring Xinyan, the Pyro rock \’n\’ roll musician from Liyue. After completing all three parts of the Event Quest, Travelers will gain access to a special drum located in a submerged ruin near the northern Waverider Waypoint of the Broken Isle. Interacting with this drum allows the player to control the elevation of the island\’s mountains, granting them entry to the isle\’s hidden cave. After playing the drum, head over to the northwestern side of the Broken Isle\’s main island to find the entrance leading to the Pyro Elemental Totem Puzzle in Genshin Impact.

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The first chamber of the Broken Isle Pyro Pillar Puzzle in Genshin Impact contains a sealed Pyro Totem, including several Ruins (Pyro) Torches surrounding it. While any Pyro character in Genshin Impact is able to light these torches, the easiest way to set them ablaze is with Amber\’s ranged Charged Attack.

Pyro Pillar Puzzle Solution In The Broken Isle Of Genshin Impact

Pyro Pillar Puzzle Solution In The Broken Isle In Genshin Impact

After activating all the Pryo Torches and the Elemental Monument, the water level in the following area will begin to decrease. Revealing another Totem and several more Torches. After lighting three of the Torches, continue past the Pyro Elemental Monument and into the portal doorway ahead. Light the Pyro Torch and use the lever to open the metal gate before returning to the previous room. The seal on the Pyro Totem should now be gone, allowing the player to trigger the Monument. This action will remove the room\’s remaining water and complete the Broken Isle Pyro Pillar Puzzle in Genshin Impact.

On the dry bottom floor of the cave, Travelers will discover an Imaging Conch in Genshin Impact, one of the collectibles required to unlock Ein Immernachtstraum, Fischl\’s new Character Outfit. A Common Chest also sits at the center of the room, albeit covered in roots. To remove the roots, adjust the orientation of the gramophones and use the large guitar in the area to perform a single note which can unlock the chest.

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