How to Solve the Mystery of The Stones Puzzle in Genshin Impact

During the \”Octave of the Maushiro\” questline in Genshin Impact, players will encounter a puzzle where they must \”Solve the mystery of the stones.\” This quest occurs in the second part of the \”Through the Mists\” World Quest series on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact. At this time, the Traveler and Paimon are looking for Ruu, a young resident of the island with a tragic past. During their search, they must head to the Wakakau Shoal, located south of the ceremonial site.

Once the player has made it down to the shoal, they will interact with a Thunderbird Statue using the Peculiar Pinion in Genshin Impact that Ruu gave them earlier. An illusion named Ipe will appear and speak about wanting to learn Ishine Script, the strange markings on the rocks nearby. Players will need to activate the stones correctly to hear more of what the illusion has to say. Continue reading to learn how to \”Solve the mystery of the stones\” in Genshin Impact.

To \”Solve the mystery of the stones\” puzzle in Genshin Impact, players must use the Peculiar Pinion feather on the Thunderbird Statue sitting to the left of the inscribed stone formation. An Electro Seelie will spawn, and the player must follow after it. Leaving a purple trail in its trajectory, the Seelie will first go to a large boulder across the water. Some enemies will appear after the player reaches the Seelie for the first time. The second spot where the Electro Seelie promptly goes can be tricky for players if they miss where it went.

Solving the Mystery of The Stones in Genshin Impact

The Electro Seelie\’s second destination on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact is nearby a locked chest guarded by a group of Hydro Samachurls and Hydro Slimes. After slaying or avoiding the hostile mobs, the player must follow the Seelie atop a dead tree. Its final destination is in front of another Thunderbird Statue. Using the feather here will cause glowing symbols to appear on the wall of a cliff. These markings are the same Ishine Script inscribed on the stones. They also appear in a pattern that acts as the solution to the puzzle.

Returning to the stone formation, activate the stones in the same order as the script on the wall. If players forget the order, they can wade out into the water on the right to see the solution again.

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