How To Stop The Tatarasuna Electro Thunderstorm in Genshin Impact

Once Genshin Impact players first get to Tatarasuna on Inazuma, they’ll likely want to figure out how to stop the Electro thunderstorm that ravages the island. Players can still explore and complete quests on Tatarasuna while the thunderstorm is occurring, but it may be making exploration more difficult than players would like. Luckily, certain tasks can be compleated to bring the storms to a stop.

To end the thunderstorm and gain free range of the Mikage Furnace, players will need to complete the 7 daily world quests of the Tatara Tales questline. Here’s what quests players will need to complete, and how to finally end the thunderstorm.

To initiate the Tatara Tales questline, head to the Kujou Encampment, and talk to Toranosuke or Miyuki. To do this, complete the original set of quests given upon arriving in Inazuma, including the one that lets players leave the island of Ritou.

How to Complete the Tatara Tales Quests in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Kujou Encampment Map

There are a total of 8 quests in this Genshin Impact storyline, and players can only do one per day (except for the first two). Tatara Tales is the name of the first quest, initiate it by approaching the Kujou Encampment and witnessing two NPCs in an argument. After asking the characters about the situation, the player will be sent on various kill and observation quests. Finishing this quest grants 50 Primogems, 40,000 Mora, 4 Adventurer’s Wit, and 4 Enhancement Ores.

The second quest is called Tatara Tales: Priority Investigation. To begin this quest, talk to Xavier (who was introduced in the first quest). He will task the player with placing three beacons. Doing so and reporting back to Xavier will complete the quest, granting 20 Primogems and 25,000 Mora.

The third quest, Tatara Tales: Purification Device, is very similar to the second. Talk to Xavier again, collect three Crystal Marrows, and then return to him to finish it. This quest also rewards the player with 20 Primogems and 25,000 Mora.

The fourth quest, Tatara Tales: Data Collection, once again follows the same pattern. Talk to Xavier, then retrieve the three beacons that the traveler placed during the Priority Investigation quest. Talking to Xavier after completing it rewards another 20 Primogems and 25,000 Mora.

Genshin Impact Tatara Tales Quest Final Mission

Tatara Tales: Process is Everything, is the name of the fifth Genshin Impact quest. Talk again to Xavier, then take a picture of the situation at Mikage Furnace. These two pictures should be entitled ‘Somewhat Clear Image’ and ‘Rather Foggy Image’. Reporting back to Xavier will grant the same rewards as the previous 3 side quests.

The sixth quest, Tatara Tales: Functional Test, involves collecting three Onikabuto for Xavier. Just follow the same process for the same rewards as the previous days to complete the quest.

Tatara Tales: Final Preparations is the seventh quest. After talking to Xavier, collect planks nearby, then investigate and repair the 3 paths indicated on the map. Reporting back to Xavier will earn 30 Primogems and 30,000 Mora.

The final quest in the series is called Tatara Tales: The Last Act. This quest is similar to the first one in its length. After talking to Xavier, players will be tasked with various activities and return to Xavier after each. This includes obtaining missing components, defeating waves of Genshin Impact\’s Fatui, activating the Purification Device, and then finally reporting back to Toranosuke. While this quest can get lengthy, the map will always indicate where to head next, and players will get a hefty reward by the end, including Primogems, Mora, Enhancement Materials, and Furniture Blueprints.

Completing this quest will cause the vicious storms at Tatarasuna to disappear, allowing players to explore as much as they’d like without the threat of thunder striking them down!

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