How To Unlock 'Fishing For Jade' Quest in Genshin Impact

Players can unlock \”Fishing for Jade\” in Genshin Impact by completing Ganyu\’s story. Players can start the story missions in Liyue Harbor where it appears Ganyu is missing. There are a few steps to completing Ganyu\’s story, including fighting, completing puzzles, or proving tax evasion. After Ganyu\’s story is finished, players will be able to start the \”Fishing for Jade\” quest by speaking to Kun in Liyue Harbor.

The story missions for Ganyu in Genshin Impact start with locating her and trying to bring her back to Liyue Harbor, but she feels unwelcome there and is initially reluctant. Ganyu\’s story involves several trials where she tests her abilities in an attempt to complete her training. Players will need to use Ganyu\’s Cryo abilities to defeat a variety of enemies and help other NPCs, like Huixin, with their problems.

During the second half of Ganyu\’s story, players will need to travel to a few different Genshin Impact NPCs to prove some tax evasion issues. Ganyu will gather evidence and confront the NPC committing the crime, then players can report their findings to Huixin. Ganyu will then learn her value and decide to stay in Liyue Harbor. Once the Genshin Impact story quests for Ganyu are completed, players will be able to access the \”Fishing for Jade\” quest.

Finding the Jade Chamber Pieces in Genshin Impact

Players will need to speak to Kun in Liyue Harbor in order to start \”Fishing for Jade.\” Once the quest is accepted, players will be tasked with cleaning up the jade pieces from the north wharf and south wharf. There are five pieces in each area, and players will need to swim around to collect the pieces from the floating boxes in the water. Once all 10 jade pieces are cleared out of the water, players can return to Kun in Liyue Harbor for their rewards.

For completing the \”Fishing for Jade\” quest in Genshin Impact, players will receive Mora as well as a Water-Logged Box. After the conversation with Kun concludes, players can bring the Water-Logged Box to Baiwen who will discover some preserved documents inside. For delivering the box, players will receive Hero\’s Wit, which is used to level up characters in Genshin Impact, as well as Adventurer\’s Experience.

Once players receive their rewards from Baiwen, the quest will conclude. Completing the \”Fishing for Jade\” quest will give players access to the next mission which involves helping to restore the Jade Chamber. Like the previous quest, \”Return of the Jade Chamber?\” can also be started by speaking to Kun at Liyue Harbor. Players can start the \”Fishing for Jade\” quest by completing Ganyu\’s story in Genshin Impact.

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