How To Unlock The Chasm In Genshin Impact

The Chasm can finally be unlocked and explored in Genshin Impact thanks to the 2.6 update. While the entrance has always been located in Liyue, it was previously closed off. Now, players can finally begin exploring this new area; however, a few prerequisites must be met beforehand. Here\’s how to unlock The Chasm in Genshin Impact.

The Chasm is largely an underground mining area comprised of multiple levels. The exterior can be easily reached, but getting inside will require players to break the seal on the entrance to the Underground Mines first. The Underground Mines are filled with dangers – new enemies, Oozing Concretions, and the Ruin Serpent boss. Navigating through these layers can be confusing, and players will need to collect Lumenspar and activate Lumenlamps as well. In order to reach The Chasm – Underground Mines, players must be Adventure Rank 28 or higher and they must have completed the \”A New Star Approaches\” Archon Quest.

If these prerequisites have been met, then the World Quest \”Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering\” will become available. The quest can be activated by speaking with Muning, an NPC located off the main road from Qingxu Pool (near the eastern-most teleport waypoint). After undertaking the quest, players must destroy the bindings around five Bedrock Keys located around the outside of The Chasm. A Geo Claymore character like Noelle can be ideal for a party during this quest.

Genshin Impact Requirements To Unlocking The Chasm – Underground Mines

Once players have successfully located and destroyed all the Bedrock Keys, the seal to The Chasm – Underground Mines will break. Now, access is granted to the underground portions of the new area. It\’s worth noting that the new Lost Valley Domain in Genshin Impact can be found on the outside of The Chasm, so players may want to unlock it first before diving into the mines and exploring the content there. The prerequisites for unlocking The Chasm – Underground Mines in Genshin Impact are:

Adventure Rank 28Completion of the \”A New Star Approaches\” Archon QuestCompletion of the \”Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering\” World Quest

This is a fairly straightforward process, so players shouldn\’t be too worried about unlocking The Chasm – Underground Mines. New players may find that the hardest part is getting up to Adventure Rank 28, which can take some time. Otherwise, most longtime players will likely already be AR 28 and over, so it shouldn\’t be a problem. Once the seal is broken, Travelers are free to explore the Underground Mines portion of The Chasm in Genshin Impact.

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