How to Unlock the Palace in the Pool Domain in Genshin Impact

The Palace in the Pool Domain on one of the new islands of the Inazuma region in Genshin Impact must be unlocked by completing a puzzle. With the release of version 2.1, players have the opportunity to visit two new islands, Watatsumi and Seirai. The Palace in the Pool is a new Domain located on Watatsumi that can be easily missed if players aren\’t looking for it, and unlocking it comes with a small reward.

Players looking to unlock the Palace in the Pool Domain in Genshin Impact will first need to complete a puzzle in the overworld. Before jumping into this mission, it\’s important to bring along an Electro character, as these powers will be required to complete the puzzle. Players should bring Stamina-replenishing food items like Barbatos Ratatouille or Northern Smoke Chicken, as characters will need a decent amount of Stamina to complete this puzzle.

The Palace in the Pool Domain can be found at the southern end of Suigetsu Pool. It\’s northeast of the Sangonomiya Shrine. Players will first notice they need to unlock the four Electro totems. To do this, they will need to set the compasses in the area to face the correct direction. There are two main ways to complete this objective.

Unlocking The Palace in the Pool Domain in Genshin Impact

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There will be an Electrogranum that players can use near the pit to the northwest of the pool. Players can use the Electrogranum to unlock all the other compasses. They should save the compass closest to the Electrogranum for last since it will take too long to get them all within a single run. Alternatively, certain elemental skills, like Tidecaller from Beidou, can also move the arrows. When the arrows are properly positioned, players will see a purple light flash to alert them.

Once the Electro totems are unlocked, players can use an Electro character to light them all. This will drain the water in the center of the pool. Next, players will need to navigate in a flooded hallway to a staircase. This is where the Stamina items are most useful. Players should save them for this section since it\’s easy to run out of Stamina and drown.

After reaching the staircase, there will be a floating relay stone in the room above. Players can climb it and activate it to continue to drain the water from this room. After draining the water, the Palace in the Pool Domain will be ready on the other side. Players can then jump directly into the Domain or activate it and leave to save for another time. For unlocking the Palace in the Pool, players receive 40 Primogems and 500 Adventurer\’s XP.

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