How would a soldier/policeman in Beijing, China react to me (an Argentine tourist) waving a rainbow (gay) flag in the main square in front of Mao photo? Would I be convicted of any crime? Is that because of my homosexuality or not? Thanks.

It depends on how big the flag is and how you waved it.

If it is a small hand flag and you waved it silently, you may not be noticed.

If you wave a big one or wave it loudly and be noticed, you may be taken to the nearby help center and asked a few question. If you were a Chinese, you may be having a class of the protest law, take away your flag, and ask you to report it to police if you want to protest the next time.

I think they may speak to a foreigner politer, but you may stay in police station for a longer time for more investigation to confirm if you are a spy.

Chinese people usually don’t see minority sex preference as a incomprehensible concept. We don’t care who you love if you don’t bother us.

Another interesting story I recently read from an article on zhihu, a Chinese quora-like website. It says in Genshin impact two male characters get along quite well with each other, and some English-speaking players said they are gays while others don’t. Finally the question ends up “Thay are not gays; Chinese people said they are good brothers.”

So I think if gay couples don’t say about it, we may see them as good brothers and relate them with firm friendships.

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