I am new to the Android gaming world. Is Genshin Impact bad or good? I heard that it is really popular among gamers.

You need to realize how easy or difficult it is for you to control your budget, because Genshin Impact has a monetization scheme that, like all gacha games, can end up with you having a very empty wallet.

And the reason you’ll want to spend anyway? Because it’s a decent game that’s sort of reminiscent of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and a lot of cute waifus/husbandos that have interesting/cool skill sets, and who use a variety of weapons that affect their playstyle. In terms of time alone, Genshin Impact (along with a lot of other good gacha games) can suck up 30+ hours off your week EASY, because even if it’s a bit grindy, there’s a lot of exploration and item gathering to be done.

Oh and the fact that the London Philharmonic Orchestra did the music makes this OH SO GOOD ON THE EARS.

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