I have diona, razor, yanfei, and chongyun on my team, should I take one out? If yes, what character should I take out?

they don’t have that much synergy with each other. Yanfei is supposed to be a pyro DPS, Razor is a physical, sometimes electro DPS, Dionna is an amazing Cryo healer and shield unit, and Chongyun is a Cryo support or DPS depending on build. For the most part, Chongyun doesn’t really help any other units aside from Diluc. His e’s ability to change the damage to Cryo for the most part is disadvantageous. He works more as a DPS unit and his talents/ cons gear towards a DPS play style. Dionna is one of the best 4 star support characters. In Genshin, support characters are more important than DPS ones because they’re able to be swapped in combinations that are able to synergize with one another. Dionna is Able to heal, reduce stamina consumption, and provides a shield. She works really great with Razor because you get a shield, less stamina consumption for charged attacks, and ability to proc superconduct. I don’t have Yanfei so I never tested or looked into her kit or team synergies. Razor is a physical DPS unit that can utilize the electro charged reaction with a Xingqui support. Those units you listed don’t make a great team together

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