I just found this Reddit space where people make false claims about anime and also talk bad about it. Should we do something?

Why? Let them live in their own little world and enjoy their narrow-mindedness.

Get out of there to save yourself heartache and pain and join communities where you have fun and enjoy the people.

I love my shipping communities and my Genshin-simps and my hentai lovers and my anime-enthusiasts. If there is a post I do not like, I ignore it. Happy are those who can look at the things they enjoy and concentrate on them instead of getting hung up on people who throw s**t on something they have no idea of. If I meet somebody like that in real life I can do my share and get into a discussion about why they do not like it and try to change their opinion. But until then they are nameless, faceless people on the internet I do not care to spend time with.

Do something good for your sanity and stay far away from there. 😉

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