I play this game called Genshin Impact and I wanted to know if it’s actually haram because there’s a statue in the game that you worship and I don’t do that because it’s shirk. Is it haram?

It’s just a game … someone’s fantasy. The character worships some statue, not you. This is the same as that old debunked idea that violent video games turn people violent. And it’s been proven that it’s false. Violent people stay violent no matter what video games or films they watch and decent people stay decent no matter what they do with some characters on a screen via some game controller.

But you absolutely should not play it if you disagree with the values it promotes. Just don’t be Ned Flanders worrying about every single little thing. Those are trivial and irrelevant. It’s like some people going to church regularly and then gossiping about their neighbours, cheating, lying, stealing, bribing and so on. You can’t just be “religious” because you cherry pick a set of shallow rules to follow and disrespect all the rules that matter the most. Moreover, just like in a court of law … context matters a lot. You’re not playing the game to worship the statue, you’re playing it to have fun and worshipping the statue is just something a silly character does that you don’t care about. Video games are about learning from controlled simulations of reality. With simulations being the keyword here. It’s fantasy and doesn’t have to be your fantasy as well.

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