If you have a chance to live in the Genshin Impact universe, would you take the chance? What Vision would you like to have?

In all honesty, yes, I would take that chance. It’d probably be a lot better than my current life.

According to a quiz I took on Discord yesterday:

I would be an Electro-Vision Bearer due to being shy but scary when I want to be, I’d be a 5-star character that wields a bow, and I’d first appear in the Sumeru archon quests but born in Fontaine. Apparently, I’d be apart of the Fatui, as-well?-

The random-generator section on the test also says that:

Dottore has a crush on Star

Star has a crush on Aether and Lyney

Star’s best friend is Dottore

Lumine hates Star

Ouch. I friend-zoned Dottore HARD-

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