Important Genshin Impact Lore That Easy To Miss

Genshin Impact\’s lore is rather vast, and some might have missed a few details of it while playing. It features a diverse range of themes around its collection of rich and fascinating stories mixed with drama and adventure. With the number of stories that have been added to Genshin Impact since the game\’s initial launch, it might be overwhelming for some to take in all the knowledge that comes their way.

There are always more exciting tales to look forward to as new updates arise in Genshin Impact. These tales cover various topics, including character introduction, exploration of newly opened regions, diving into the history of Teyvat, and more. Along the way, players may interact with NPCs, and every so often, these NPCs provide critical information about a particular storyline or history. Some Genshin Impact players may have skipped through critical dialogues with NPCs, although they can always reach out to some of these NPCs for additional information.

In Genshin Impact, story quests and NPCs are not the sole sources of lore. Artifacts, character voice lines, and stories provide a great deal of knowledge about specific occurrences in Teyvat. While Genshin Impact offers an online manga in which backstories of various characters are explored, some players may not have yet accessed it. Furthermore, since the in-game story timeline of Genshin Impact differs from the manga, it can be confusing at times to connect multiple aspects from the manga and the game. Nonetheless, the Genshin Impact online manga is worth reading as it contains a ton of information that might be expanded upon in future chapters of the game.

Genshin Impact Lore: Kaeya\’s True Identity Explained

Kaeya, Calvary Captain of the Knight of Favonius, is a Cryo Vision holder and one of the Mondstadt characters in Genshin Impact. He is respected by the residents of Mondstadt despite hiding his true identity. Genshin Impact\’s Kaeya Alberich was revealed in one of his character stories to be a former citizen of Khaenri\’ah – a godless nation destroyed by Celestia during the cataclysm. Kaeya, along with Dainsleif, are currently the only characters introduced with a direct connection to Khaenri\’ah in Genshin Impact.

When Kaeya was a child, his father abandoned him in Mondstadt to fulfill his mission as an agent and Khaenri\’ah\’s last hope. Crepus Ragnvindr, the deceased father of Diluc in Genshin Impact, eventually found Kaeya in the Dawn Winery where he was left, and took him as his adopted son. In Kaeya\’s fifth character story, it was stated that he and Diluc were very close, supporting one another and understanding each other\’s thoughts and intents without speaking a word. However, after the death of Master Crepus, Kaeya eventually revealed his secrets to Diluc. Kaeya had anticipated Diluc\’s anger, and the two brothers began to pull their swords and point them at one another. During the fight, a flash of icy elemental energy burst from the tip of Kaeya\’s blade, revealing the origin of Kaeya\’s Cryo Vision.

Genshin Impact Lore: The Ancient Kingdom In Dragonspine

Dragonspine, an icy and mountainous region in Mondstadt, was once a setting of various historical events in Teyvat. Several thousand years ago, Dragonspine in Genshin Impact was home to an ancient kingdom called Sal Vindagnyr. The kingdom was said to be ruled by a chief priest who sought the truth by communicating with the envoys of Celestia. The Priest\’s box, which can be acquired from a luxurious chest in Dragonspine\’s Entombed City – Ancient Palace area, narrates pieces of the chief priest\’s point of view.

Celestia is a floating island where gods reside and mortals ascend after reaching godhood. It was originally situated just above Dragonspine in Genshin Impact, as shown in the Mural Room in Entombed City-Ancient Palace. According to the Prayers to Springtime Artifact, Teyvat was in a cold state before the kingdom of Sal Vindagnyr was established. After the ice had melted, the kingdom of Sal Vindagnyr thrived, and it has continued to do so for many years.

Moreover, the kingdom had a silver ley line tree, or the Frostbearing tree, the roots of which are linked to the ley lines of the world in Genshin Impact. The tragic event that brought the kingdom\’s downfall transpired when the Skyfrost Nail dropped from heaven, destroying the mountain\’s silver ley line tree and freezing the kingdom of Sal Vindagnyr to an uninhabitable temperature. The kingdom fell into ruins and its entire area was then known as Dragonspine. Not much is known why Celestia parted away from the Dragonspine region in Genshin Impact, although some fan theories suggest that Celestia was responsible for the punishment that fell upon the kingdom of Sal Vindagnyr.

Genshin Impact Lore: Who Is Vennessa & Why Is She Important

Genshin Impact\’s released a manga that can be accessed on its official website and various other platforms. The manga reveals past events in Teyvat and several characters in Genshin Impact that have yet to make an appearance in the game. Vennessa, one of the first humans to ascend to Celestia, was a former slave of Lord Lawrence, a tyrannical noble who once reigned in Mondstadt. Vennessa is a member of the red-haired Muratans, otherwise known as the Children of Murata – the Pyro Archon and God of War worshipped by the citizens of Natlan. There is little information regarding how the Muratans began wandering in Mondstadt, although Vennessa mentioned that they were hounded and starved by a dragon named Ursa the Drake.

In the prologue of the Genshin Impact manga, Vennessa was introduced as an undefeated gladiator who became acquainted with Barbatos, otherwise known as Venti – the Anemo Archon. On one occasion, the nobles challenged Vennessa to defeat Ursa the Drake. As a reward, the nobles would grant freedom to the Muratans and hand Vennessa all their properties and the key to Mondstadt if she successfully defeated the dragon.

With the blessings of Venti in Genshin Impact, Vennessa defeated Ursa the Drake, ending the aristocracy in Mondstadt. In Jean\’s fourth character story, it was revealed that Vennessa was the founder of the Knights of Favonius and was its first Dandelion Knight. Through her heroic feats, Vennessa ascended to Celestia in Windrise at the end of her life and took the appearance of a falcon. Her legend is published in a two-volume book collection titled \”The Legend of Vennessa,\” which can be obtained from the Grand Master\’s Office in the Knights of Favonius Headquarters and the NPC Dr. Edith in Genshin Impact.

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