In Dungeons & Dragons, have you ever played in a group that managed to fully destroy an Artifact?


One of the cutest artifacts are the elven anklets that grants you the ability to fly for a temporary amount of time and to jump higher.

during one RP. I allowed each of the players to get one soulbound artifact and one of the players decided to play as a high priestess. (NOT ME THIS TIME. I decided to play an assassin. and not Ayan for the change experience) that high priestess carried the elven anklets

as we roamed a pretty dark forest. (it’s a genshin Impact homebrew by the way) we saw an Anemoculus (some kind of sacred token used as sacrifice for the god of wind Barbatos) floating really high in the sky. and a cliff that allows soaring onto it. but it required quite a bit of skill (saving throw tossed if you have DEX 16 and higher. sadly none of the players. including me were 16+ in dex)

the high priestess.. that answered to the name Yulin. decided to jump and try to get that anemoculus to increase our stamina and get us some monstadt food.

As the DM rolled a success die. she got a pass. but barely. so she jumped. and the anklets gave her a trampolina effect. she started to jump higher and higher. until she hugged it. and brought back. but as she landed from it. the anklets broke.


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