In Genshin Impact, how many characters can you realistically level up to max?

This is another question where the answer is basically, “Theoretically, every single one; practically, that’s completely impossible.”

Okay, so you want to max – completely max, 100%, totally, no shortcuts kind of max – a character in Genshin Impact. Your first challenge is getting the character.

Oh, and you don’t have to just get them once. To comepletely max a character, you need to max their constellation, which means getting them once, either by pulling or an event or just getting them from the story, and then pulling them six more times. That’s right, you need seven of a character to even begin thinking about maxing them.

(All prices in USD)

Five stars? Forget about having a c6 Diluc, or Klee, or Mona, or Keqing, or any other five star. Not unless you spend a whole lot of money and get really really lucky. For the five stars on the permanant banner, there’s absolutely no garuntee that you’ll get even one of your desired character. If you want, for example, Diluc, you could spend a million dollars on pulls and end up getting all Jeans. (Haha, Jean/jeans. Get it?) Or all Qiqis. Or some other five star you have no interest in.

For five stars on the rate up featured banner, your chances are better, but only slightly. You are garunteed at least one of that character for every 180 pulls you do, but at 160 primogems per pull, that’s 28,800 gems for garunteeing yourself even one copy of the character. And you don’t need one, you need seven. So, worst case scenario, you need 201,600 gems to max out a five star’s constellation if they are the rate up character.

(This is assuming you have to go to hard pity every time and you don’t get two of the featured character in a row. So basically this is absolute worst case.)

For those of you who don’t really understand how the pity system works: Basically, for the standard and rate up banners, you have a 100% chance of getting a five star within 90 pulls. For the rate up banner, there is a 50% chance that you will get the featured character. If you do not get the featured character for your first five star, you are garunteed to get them as your second five star. Pity and “half pity” carry over between banners of the same type (rate up banner to rate up banner, standard to standard) – so if you got Jean on the Xiao banner, the next five star you pull on the rate up banner is garunteed to be the banner featured character.

Genesis crystals, if you buy them from the shop in the $100 bundles, are 8080 gems per hundred bucks, assuming you have the first time buyer’s bonus. For the sake of simplicity, let’s say you do, and you get the free extra gems every time. So that’s one Genesis crystal to one primogem, so that means you have to spend about $2500 to max a five star’s constellation if they are the rate up character.

Okay, let’s say that’s too expensive. How about a four star? Four stars have much batter drop rates than the elusive five stars! And you’re right! They do. And you even get three four star characters for free! Plus, Xiangling and Barbara for completing Floor 3 of Spiral Abyss and the Prologue of the Archon quests, respectively.

But the thing with four stars is that you don’t have any garuntee of getting the one you want. Take me, for example. I wished on the Xiao banner and ended up with Xiao, a Beidou, and three copies of Xingyan, so now I have c3 Xingyan. . . And I don’t use her. I already have Noelle and Xiangling built, and I like them a lot more than her but the RNG decided to give me Xingyan. I was really hoping for Diona, because I needed another archer, but I didn’t get her.

(I did get Fischl off the standard banner with my free pulls, but no constellations on her.)

But hey! What about the rate up four stars? Isn’t there a higher chance to get those? Yes, there is! If you wish on the rate up banner and get a four star, there is a 50% chance that the four star you get will be one of the featured characters. There’s still no garuntee that they’ll be the one you want but hey!

Wait, you say, what about Kaeya? Amber? Lisa? You get them for free, isn’t it easier to max out their constellations? Well. . . Kind of. Kaeya, Lisa, and Amber will never be the featured four star characters on the rate up banner – they aren’t even on the rate up banners! – so your only chances of getting their constellations are:

  1. Buying from the starglitter shop, which takes a premium currency you only get when wishing
  2. Getting them from the standard banner

Okay, what about Traveller? You get all of the Traveller’s constellations free, either from quests, Adventure Rank rewards, or the souviner shop. So yes, you can max the Traveller’s constellation relatively easier.

But constellations aren’t everything. Let’s talk weapons.

Every weapon can be refined – basically, you take two weapons of the same name and type and smash them together to make their passive talent stronger. Five star weapons are, of course, better than four stars, so you’ll need five five-star weapons of the same type. Only thing is, the only way you can get five star weapons are through wishes on either the standard banner or the weapons banner. Both have the same problem – you are never garunteed thae thing you want.

On the five star standard banner, there is never a garuntee that you get the five star item or character you want, we went over that earlier. Same with the weapon banner – Although pity for the weapon banner is 80, not 90, there are always two five star weapons. You have a 75% chance of getting a featured five star weapon, but as to which weapon it is, well. No garuntee.

Alright, so let’s say you’re willing to settle for a four star weapon. That’s much more likely, especially if it’s a weapon you can craft at the blacksmith. Let’s say you manage to refine that weapon, all the way, and max level it. Nice! You aren’t done yet.

Artifacts. I bet you were hoping to avoid talking about those, right? I don’t have the time or energy to talk about artifact stats and substats, so here’s a youtube video I saw about the chances for perfect artifacts:

Pretty depressing, right? This is why everyone says that artifact grinding is the true endgame of Genshin.

Don’t forget talents – you need talent books and three Crowns of Insight to fully max talents, not to mention weekly boss materials and Mora. Add the resin and gemstones and local specialties to ascend the characters, plus the weapon ascension materials – you get the picture.

Traveller is special in that their gem ascension materials, the diamonds, are provided through adventure rank rewards, but you still need talent books and mora and windwheel asters for them.

I could go on and on into details about builds, set bonuses, and team composition, but I think this is long and depressing enough. You’re never going to fully max the character you want unless you get super lucky or spend a literal ton of money. And that’s okay – you don’t need a complete, fully maxed, perfect artifact character to play. You just need a character that’s good enough to get you through the content and a few supports for them. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, look at what you can do with what you do have instead.

Thank you for reading this very sad answer. Good luck with the gacha!

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