In the Chinese-developed game Genshin Impact, why is the nation of Mondstadt surprisingly libertarian given that libertarians are almost non-existent in China?

I’m guessing that you’re surprised about the ideals Mondstadt represent despite the politics within China and the CCP. But frankly, I think this won’t ring any bells, given the following:

  1. Mondstadt is a fairly small nation — and a somewhat broken one, by the looks of it — whose god is considered the weakest among the Seven. Even if you try to tie international politics from the real world, it’s not going to be such a threat to the ideals and imagery espoused by their nation’s current leaders.
    1. The ongoing story kinda makes assumptions that the nations generally leave each other alone (save for the Schneznaya, who are painted as mostly evil or at least very aggressive). So the fact that Liyue and Mondstadt are painted as working in harmony is likely going to avoid any negativity from the political spectrum of things.
  2. It’s a fictional world that avoids any politics if possible (the chat has a LOT of censorship with things even remotely involved with politics), which makes it difficult to use as a platform for pushing anti-CCP political agendas.
  3. The community focuses on the game rather than politics, making it easy for them to keep themselves out of trouble.

The only concern we might have involves how the CCP has a history of re-educating companies and company leaders that grow too big for their own good. Otherwise, Mondstat is not going to be an issue, especially since in the bigger picture it’s likely just going to fade in the background like every other starting location in most games.

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