In the game, Genshin Impact, is it more important to work on maxing out the weapons, artifacts, or characters?

In the game, Genshin Impact, is it more important to work on maxing out the weapons, artifacts, or characters?

Consider this: each next step in progression requires more resources. You need more ore, more advice, more mora, more ascension materials, more talent books, for each level of advancement.

You’ll need to kill Electro Hypostasis about 4 times to unlock levels 61+ for an electro character, about 5 times to unlock levels 71+… If you just keep doing it, you’ll burn out soon. And it wouldn’t give you all that much combat effectiveness.

On the other hand, you could get about as much of an combat power boost by assembling the right artifact set, or boosting an artifact to mere +4 level. You can do both of these with about 4 raids on an artifact-giving instance if you don’t already have them. And you can do these for half the resin cost.

In short, balancing your progression in all fronts seems to be the shortest path to power.

You can get more resources for those extreme demands on higher world levels… but you’ll need the power to fight there, and that means your other elements should be up to the task.

Next, consider what you have. If you already have a fine weapon like Prototype Rancour, go ahead and pour resources into it. If you’re fighting with some crappy 2-star weapon, maybe you should find a better weapon before you seriously commit to it.

Same with characters – it’s pretty hard to get exactly what you want, but if you got a character you like, go ahead and advance them to the limit. Note that you’ll need two parties for some Abyss content, and just one character for some multiplayer content.

Don’t forget to advance their Talents! They give impressive damage boosts for the investment. At least, until you hit the levels where you need exotic boss drops for improvement.

With artifacts, note that blue artifacts only advance to level 12, purple to level 16, and gold to level 20. White and green artifacts are only good for starting out and for feeding them to serious artifacts.
Feel free to invest in your purple and gold artifacts, they’ll be with you for a while.

On the other hand, you can feed your improved blue and purple artifacts to their replacements. That will recover 80% of exp you’ve invested.

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