Is game programming tough?

Let me answer a different question first:

“Is playing football hard?” (American football, English football, doesn’t matter)

The answer is obvious:

  • If you are talking about just you an a couple of mates with the ball, its easy
  • If its being on the school team, thats a challenge
  • It its repesenting the city/state thats a dream
  • If you are talking about representing your country and being world renowned. Thats its basically impossible

Now back to your question:

“Is game making hard?”

Its the same answer, at what level are you talking?

  • I used to teach 14 year olds to make game in a week long course and they made 3 games in that week. They were basic game, usually 2d platformers
  • I used to teach a 3 year college course, graduates of that would build 3d games, split screen games, mobile games, sometimes network games. It took them three years to get good at it and the games were not really good enough to sell, but good enough to get them a job in the industry
  • I have been making games as a hobby for decades now and have released a few free games on some of the online portals, they are fun to play for a 1/2 hour, but nothing much
  • I am working on a AAA mobile game today. I have been on the project for over 3 years and the studio is now approaching 200 people. We are hoping to be as big a game as Call of Duty, Genshin Impact or Fortnite, but we still have a lot more development to reach that kind of standard

So a lot depends upon your level of expectation. A simple game is easy, you can learn and make a simple one in a week. The better you want it to be, the more time, learning and effort its going to take. It takes crazy amounts of work to make the real amazing games.

So I would suggest if you want to start, make that really simple game and see how you do. Then do a second project which is a little more complex, then a third and so on. And forget about Fornite unless you have a few hundred professional friends who can stop working for a few years to help you make that game.

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