Is Genshin Impact 2.6’s Weapon Banner Worth It

Patch 2.6 of Genshin Impact recently dropped, along with the first Weapon Banner of the update. The 5-star weapons featured on this banner are the signature weapons of Kamisato Ayato and Venti, and the banner also includes some various 4-star weapons. It can be tricky to decide if any Weapon Banner in Genshin Impact is worth it, especially due to how the RNG works specifically for it.

Genshin Impact\’s Weapon Banner has an Epitomized Path system, meaning that players can select whichever of the two weapons they want, and then they are guaranteed that weapon if they didn\’t pull the weapon beforehand after two 5-star misses. This system can help players get the weapon they want, but still at a high cost of Primogems. The Weapon Banner has never been friendly with its RNG, especially with free-to-play players.

Along with the Elegy for the End and the Haran Geppaku Futsu, the Weapon Banner also includes 4-star weapons. These are Rust, The Flute, Dragon\’s Bane, The Widsith, and the Sacrificial Greatsword. The only two standouts among this group are Rust and The Widsith, The Widsith being one of the best 4-star Catalysts in the game. However, players typically should not roll on the Weapon Banner for 4-star weapons, as the only focus should be on the featured 5-star weapons.

Genshin Impact: Are Elegy for the End And Haran Geppaku Futsu Worth It?

The first featured 5-star weapon on the Banner, the bow Elegy for the End, is Venti\’s signature weapon. This bow has Energy Recharge as its main stat, and its passive is a rather long and wordy one. In short, at refinement level 1 (R1), it increases the equipping character\’s Elemental Mastery by 60, and each time the character\’s Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits opponents, they gain a stack. At 4 stacks, the entire party\’s Elemental Mastery will increase by 100 and their Attack by 20% for 12 seconds.

The second featured 5-star weapon, Haran Geppaku Futsu, is the newest character in Genshin Impact, Kamisato Ayato\’s, signature weapon. This sword has CRIT Rate as its main stat, which is always welcome on a weapon for a DPS character. At R1, this weapon\’s passive effect increases the equipping character\’s Elemental DMG by 12%, and whenever another party member uses an Elemental Skill, the weapon gains a stack. At two stacks, they will be consumed and the character\’s Normal Attack damage will increase by 20%.

While both of these weapons are very good, it can be difficult to justify spending the large amount of Primogems it may cost a player to receive one of them. If a player has Venti in Genshin Impact and wants a good bow for him, they don\’t have to look farther than the 4-star bow The Stringless. The Stringless is an amazing weapon and is actually Venti\’s best-in-slot weapon when it comes to increasing his personal damage if the weapon is refinement level 5 (R5). However, if a player would rather have their Venti deal less personal damage and provide a buff to the rest of their team, then the Elegy for the End is the better choice.

The Haran Geppaku Futsu is a strong weapon and has great synergy with Ayato\’s kit. However, there are other options for Ayato too. The Black Sword, a weapon receivable from Genshin Impact\’s Battle Pass, also has the effect to increase Normal Attack damage by 20% and can be a much less expensive option. While it might not be Ayato\’s best-in-slot weapon, it can serve as a fantastic alternative, and the player really isn\’t losing out on too much damage. The Primordial Jade Cutter and Mistsplitter Reforged are also 5-star alternatives with strong synergy on Ayato, and may have been pulls players have gotten from previous Weapon Banners.

The most important thing for players to consider when deciding to roll on the Weapon Banner is if they are okay with potentially spending a lot of Primogems to not even end up with the weapon they want. The cost to go all the way to the Epitomized Path pity is 38,400 Primogems (or 240 pulls), so if a player wants to try their luck with pity once or twice in Genshin Impact, they should decide if they can make peace with getting the other featured weapon, or a completely different 5-star weapon entirely. The Weapon Banner has some of the most egregious RNG in Genshin Impact, and players need to keep that in mind when deciding to pull. As it stands, neither of these weapons are must-haves for players, who should only pull for them if they both have the Primogems to guarantee a hit and a specific use for them in mind.

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