Is Genshin Impact a good RPG?


Why GI is good RPG?

  • Each character have their own lore, position in the open world. (Eg. Barbara as sister of church, Jean as the knight of Mondstad town)
  • The open world exploration have many puzzles, hidden information/quest for player to explore
  • Main quest line is very exciting, story telling about history of each location
  • Action of each character have their own movesets, some may looks similar, but more in-depth animation cancellation can be challenging
  • Multiple play style: swimming, gliding, farming, fishing, build own town, boss fighting, end game difficult challenges, multiplayer, tower defend events and more

Some minor info for introduction of GI F2P vs P2P:

F2P still able to get a good character – rate up banner/highest rank character that can help player to progress in end game content.

Many highest rank character (aka 5* char) and strong enough to beat the end game content – majorly Spiral Abyss, that refresh very two weeks, full accomplishment will grant player total 600 primo gems, which 3.75 pulls (as 160 primo per gacha pull/wish).

Daily commission will give 40 primo, doing daily commissions consistently will definitely stock up the amount of primo so that player can wish for any character they want if they have planned the spending carefully.

Also, level up any character will grant player the credits to gacha in standard characters.

The gacha system is like gamble in any game, so I will not compare about gacha system to the point of viewing GI as good RPG or not, but of course, P2P players will own more characters compare to F2P, but this is for self satisfaction.

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