Is Genshin Impact a mobile game?

Yes! According to the developers, the game studio MiHoYo, Genshin Impact is available and supported on PS4, PC, iOS, and Andriod.

Here is the link:

Available Now on All Platforms

Of course, the controls are different on the platforms, so pick whichever one you enjoy and have access to.

I personally play on my iPad, which is about two years old, becasue I currently don’t have access to my own personal PC. I would like one, but a good computer, especially a desktop with gaming specs, cna get very expensive. The game works fine, but my iPad does get quite hot – not hot enough to burn me, but noticably warm.

When it does that, I do get kicked out often. The game will freeze, the music will stop, and the app will close. This happens most often after I teleport, when I use the sprint function (and thereby force the game to load more of the map faster), when I talk to other characters or open a menu, or try to interact with the world (ex: entering a building, reading a poster, cooking, or in the middle of combat, especially in co-op mode).

That’s more of an inconvenience than anything, but it does require me to reopen the app and go through the loading screens again, which takes time. My progress usually saves, which is nice, but also very annoying if it doesn’t. I’ve given up on more than one comission because of this. In co-op mode, during cmobat, I don’t lose health and the people I’m playing with don’t get kicked out, but I don’t really do anything either.

When I get kicked out, it does cancel any navigation I have for quests, comissions, or requests. Annoying, but not a deal breaker.

Also, be prepared to either burn through battery life fast or be tethered to a charging cord. I can go through 40% in one hour of gameplay, more if I’m in co-op mode.

Have fun!

Edit: If you go to the paimon menu, then tap the ilttle gear, you can adjust your graphics settings to low, which will make your game crash less often.

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