Is Genshin Impact boring?

It really depends.

The game is about the world of Teyvat and it’s wonders, explored by the traveler trying to find their lost sibling.

It currently has 3 regions, Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

It has quests, commissions, Multiplayer Co-Op-, and various enemies you can pass time with. It also has cool NPCs that you can complete quests for.

Kinda like Minecraft, you use food to heal.

You can collect characters by rolling for them using the wish system. The characters each have different elements and their own unique superpowers. Some of them have special talents that allow them to do more things if you unlock them.

It’s an open world action RPG, with a Gacha system and a wonderful story.

If that sounds fun to you, go download it. But be warned, alot of gygabytes and alot of crying await you.

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