Is it a security risk to download games from Chinese companies like Tencent or MiHoYo?

Downloading ANY app to your phone is a risk. Just look:

To say that downloading a game isn’t a risk is a lie.

That being said these companies have the same problem/advantage as Google Apple:

  • The store’s popularity is based on its ability to provide apps and filter out bad apps.

They will generally try to get rid of bad apps to keep their users safe. Chinese apps generally try to self-update and the apps will be located in China so you will be sending data to China. For some people that is too big of a risk. For others, it isn’t.


  • Yes, it is a risk but so is every app you download. The risk is just low.
  • Apps in China generally store the data in China. Depending on where in the world you are and your opinion … this may be a risk or it may not be a risk.

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