Is it safe to trade a Bandori account for a Genshin impact account on Twitter? Why and why not?

I do not. Simply because of integrity, I’m sure this is something that has crossed both your minds and is probably the reason why you asked this question. There’s no guarantee that the next person will give you the correct login details. Whoever sends their login details first is running the greatest risk, they might have all intention of keeping both accounts. You won’t be able to hold them accountable in anyway as it’s usually in the platform’s terms that you shouldn’t exchanged any private information such as login details. The best advice I could give both of you is to hop onto a Zoom meeting and do it there. On Zoom you can share screens and you could record it just in case. So both of you can login and make sure everything works fine before going your separate ways. If they don’t want it to be recorded or a third party to be there, then it’s probably not a good idea seeing that if they were worried that their account might go to waste without anything in return they’d relish the idea of having proof.

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