Is Kazuha going to be a DPS or support character?

This answer will contain leaks so if you don’t want leaks don’t read this

Kazuha kit seems like a mix of Xiao and venti. I have a few ideas on what he could do one he is a anemo dps like Xiao with plunges and anemo infusion making him a anemo Keqing or have him as a swirl support like Venti his elemental skill creates a mini venti burst and his elemental burst creates a large swirl field that can swirl an element over and over for a very long time. This with the viridesent Set allows him to get constant 40% elemental res decrease.

so in conclusion I think kazuha’s kit is more fit for a support/sub dps build but in the event that mihoyo makes his scaling insanely high he can definitely become a dps as well just look at Ganyu.

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