Is the Genshin Impact multi-platform game overhyped?

On the opposite, most people, especially westerners, were downplaying the hell out of it, where they’re bashing the game like its some kind if abomination that doesn’t deserved to live.

And what makes me laugh was all their “complaints” were mostly without any basis, and it only shows that they didn’t play the game at all, or at least researched the game first, like “It’s a pay-to-win game”, “It’s filled with predatory gacha mechanics”, or even the direct comparison with Zelda.

People who actually played the game agreed that Genshin Impact is a really good game, where it has good visuals, good combat, beautiful environments (Liyue’s map is awesome), and extremely good soundtracks (Yu-Peng Chen is a real maestro).

One example of Genshin’s battle theme in Liyue

It’s monetization also isn’t predatory or whatsoever, where you can get characters for free, and the game also gives HUGE amounts of premium currency, which you can use for lots of things, from buying items in shops, or drawing gacha. You only need to pay for 2 main reasons:

  1. You want to level up quickly, which you need to buy Resin (a.k.a energy).
  2. You’re a completionist, and wants to collect EVERY characters available.

So yeah, Genshin Impact is one of those rare Asian games that storms the game industry, where it managed to deliver AAA-quality game, while being a free game to the boot, and it managed to beat other AAA games that were sold for full-price…

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