Is the Poco F3 GT worth buying in India?

A strong point of the Poco F3 GT is its display. It ticks all the boxes for a gaming device. It is an AMOLED panel that delivers punchy colours, there is 120Hz refresh rate, although it doesn’t dynamically switch between different rates, and there is 480Hz touch sampling to ensure quick responses to every tap, press and swipe. These culminate to make a great display experience whether you are gaming or consuming media.

The MediaTek Dimensity 1200 is a capable chipset in day-to-day usage scenarios and it can handle heavy gaming as well. This helps the Poco F3 GT fly through daily tasks and play every Android game out there. However, while you can enjoy intensive titles like Battlegrounds Mobile India, Call of Duty or Genshin Impact, you would be limited to mid-tier settings.

For instance, Battlegrounds Mobile India can be played at extreme frame-rate only if you set the graphics to Smooth, the lowest setting. Even switching to Balanced brings the max frame-rate to Ultra down from Extreme. So, while the performance is great, don’t expect the Dimensity 1200 to compare to recent Snapdragon 800-series phones.

The gaming triggers help a lot with games. Unlike conventional, third-party triggers they can be mapped to any control across the screen and this allows them to be used even with games that do not allow custom key remapping. With shooting games like Battlegrounds Mobile India, the triggers let you game with four, instead of two fingers, enhancing the combat aspect significantly.

The good stuff continues on the other side as well, as the Poco F3 GT has the best display in this segment. The screen is big for immersive viewing, fast for enjoyable gaming, bright for outdoor legibility and beautifully vibrant. Paired with the excellent speakers, it becomes a binge machine.

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