Is time blindness the largest problem for a person with ADHD? If so, why, and if not, what is?

Original question: “Is time blindness the largest problem for a person with ADHD? If so, why, and if not, what is?”

No. Time blindness can simply be remedied by the combination of a visible schedule, a timer and someone to prod you to abruptly break you out of your hyperfocus or “leisure mode.”

The largest problem, in my opinion, is what I call “regression.” In the absence of an established routine visualized through a schedule, the brain of an ADHDer always “regresses” back to whatever activities give it pleasure.

To illustrate using myself as an example, whenever I break out of my routine, I always find myself quickly becoming unmotivated to study. I’m currently preparing for a master’s degree in economics in China. What I’m supposed to do is to learn the prerequisites of statistics and mathematics for econometrics and Mandarin Chinese. I stopped a routine I established last year to focus on my last semester in college. Once classes have ended, I’ve found it quite difficult to reestablish the routine. And for several weeks, I was simply playing Genshin Impact, watching anime or reading a history book instead of studying economics and Mandarin.

Rebuilding the habit of studying and reestablshing the routine requires one to climb another mountain. Such routine becomes second nature after around three weeks for me (although this will vary from person to person), which means that I really have to will myself to resist doing leisurely activities and eating my frogs first. In the process, you’re slower and more inefficient than you would have been had you not broken the routine. It sucks.

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