Is Venti Genshin Impact a boy or a girl?

Technically speaking he, and most if not all of the other archons, are genderless. While we don’t know what Baal originated from, both Venti and Zhongli were elemental beings that lacked gender before they were gods with human forms. For this reason, Venti is agender.

However, the current form Venti has assumed is that of a boy in between the ages of 15-20.

37 thoughts on “Is Venti Genshin Impact a boy or a girl?

  1. Blabla says:

    This is wrong. The archon Barbatos may technically be genderless, but the vessel “Venti” is an image of a long lost friend of Barbatos who was male. Therefore Venti as a character is male.

  2. Noor says:

    these comments did not pass the vibe check lmfao ? first if all, were talking abt deities, so even if humans have the biological concept of “male” and “female” are the two only ones as you morons say, it obviously doesn’t necessarily apply to deities. Second of al if you are speaking of gender as applying to humans, then both science (psychology) and logic approve that the human mind is free of gender as a fix unchanging construct. now if some of yall still insist in spreading ignorance and dumbness on internet I’d suggest writing that lovely opinion down, folding it and sticking it up ur-.

  3. Salted Chocolate says:

    I thought Venti was a girl when I first started playing Genshin, but the game has stated multiple times that Venti goes by he/him pronouns and that he is a boy. So I like to think that Venti is nonbinary, like as a compromise.

  4. Pandagirl says:

    Venti looks very female in my opinion, so I’m almost positive she’s a girl. but his/her clothes say otherwise. So, I think that Venti is a boy actually.

  5. Pandagirl says:

    Y’all, it’s simple! there are only TWO genders! male and female! either Venti is a girl or a boy! don’t make this harder than it is!!

  6. kaislittlestar says:

    why are people so fucking homophobic?

    there can be more than two genders, AND Venti is a male according to Genshin, but you can make up headcanons for our anemo archon ^^

  7. Godzero says:

    Venti is name of the nameless bard and it’s confirmed that the bard wasn’t girl unless story twist happens. Barbatos aka Venti is agender but is acting like boy right now to remember they friend. Pay better tension to Barbatos/Venti when they mood switch.

  8. Anon says:

    listen. barbatos might be agender, since they’re a god, but the human, venti is canonically male, according to his description in-game and on the mihoyo website.

  9. Ray says:

    Everyone arguing about Venti being either a gilr or a boy:

    Bisexuals: If there’s a hole, there’s a goal 🙂

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