Is your best friend more mature than you. Explain?

Kind of.

My Best Friends name is X. I don’t feel comfortable reveling her name, so I’m just going to call her by her middle name. When I call her X, I don’t mean she’s a bad person. X is just her middle name, so don’t think the reason I chose X as her middle name is because we had a fight, she betrayed me, or whatever.

So X. She used to be this funny, generous, kind person. I guess she still is. It’s just, she’s been recently hanging out with older kids online. They play anime games. She obsesses over people. I think she’s going to go through an emo phase. She cusses a lot. And…

I’m losing her.

She’s my only friend. She’s changing, and growing, leaving me behind. She laughs at inappropriate things. I guess you could say she’s growing more mature.

X is loud now.

X swears.

She uses words I don’t understand and sends me pictures of memes from ‘ older’ games or shows.

X docent talk to me and instead talks with her friends.

She plays a game called, Genshin Impact. A lot. For A Day Straight.

She misses classes.

She doesn’t play Roblox with me and my sibling anymore.

She doesn’t do a lot anymore.

But really, I think I’m somewhat more mature than her.

I’m quiet. I dont talk at all. I listen to music and work most of the time. I’m basically always moody. I have a creative mind. I like being sympathetic and kind.

I dont make fun of people, even if its someone who others bully, even if its someone who’s ‘ ugly’.

I dont swear a lot.

I dont laugh at immature jokes.

I dont do any of that.

I’m not really active and play games for ‘ children’.

But I am somewhat immature too..

I like the color pink. I adore plushies. I like playing video games. I spend my time drawing and painting. I listen to stories to go to bed. I love aesthetics.

X likes the color green. And Black. Lots of Black. She likes playing video games too, but more with knives, blood, guns, and death, even if it is only in a game. She does draw, but she edits online more. She reads big chapter books. I do too, so that isn’t a big deal. She replies with ‘ ???’ to my old jokes. She docent remember our old memories a lot.

X isn’t a bad person. I swear! But its just she’s changing. And I’m worried.

You could say she’s more older. Even though by date, I’m older. I dont really act like it though. Usually I just act like I’m dead inside. Both of us are overworked. But I know I suffer from abuse more than her. I know I cry more than her. But I’m not depressed. I dont do the depressed thing. Every time I be pessimistic, or face reality, people say I just want others to feel bad for me, and I’m seeking for attention. I try to ignore it. But I’m more sensitive then X.

Thank you for reading.

I really do appreciate all of you.

~Lemon .-.

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