It’s been 6 months since my “best friend” talked to me. I decided a few months back if they wanted to talk and they agreed. But it wasn’t until my bday, which was 2 months later, when they decided to say something. Should I still be friends w/ them?

Harlivy -Stan hi, i just wanted to be more specific about this question since i don’t have much space to type. i’ve been friends with him since we were born. we both go to the same school and have the same friend group. since it’s quarantine i’ve noticed he’s been very distant from me, and i asked him if he was okay. he said he’s in a tough situation right now with school (we both have the same AP classes), and felt stressed and depressed. as his friend, i told him he could always tell me anything, and he said he would. but since then, it’s been MONTHS. i started to ovethink and think i did something wrong. it wasn’t until then when i noticed he wasn’t actually depressed or having any problems. our friend group is also a part of a club in our school, and we are all in the cabinet. during cabinet meetings i’d notice he never seemed upset or sad, and was actually playing genshin impact lol with his girlfriend and my “friends”. i started thinking he didn’t want to be friends with me since he couldn’t even bothering saying hi or are you okay, because he knows that i’m suicidal and suffer from depression. i don’t like victimizing myself but he was the only person i could truly rely on. it wasn’t until february, when we had the same classes (our school year is separated by 4 quarters) when i asked him if he ever needed help in math because he’s not good at it, and that if he was interested in catching up. he said that he’d like to do that. but 2 months later was how long i waited, just for him to text me a happy birthday, and hasn’t bothered since. he seems happy with his girlfriend and friend, and he hasn’t bothered putting any effort into this friendship. i’ve known him for so long, and he’s changed over the years after i helped date my friend. i don’t know. i’m sorry if this is lengthy. i just don’t know who to talk to this about.

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