Joe Trudgeon Advertising and Marketing CV 2017 template for feedback

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Position Applied For: Marketing Executive

My name is N/A and I have recently moved back to Cornwall after living in London for a number of years.

I think I am a suitable candidate for this position as I have both a theoretical understanding of marketing principles and some real world experience on how knowing your demographic and marketing yourself properly towards them has positive outcomes on a brand.

Working for Hawkins Motors would be a huge opportunity for me as I live locally, and the potential for marketing products towards our community, and using the range of local media that I grew up on, provides a satisfaction that other companies lose when aiming their efforts at a more faceless audience.

The idea of working on digital marketing activities also excites me. I understand how in a digital marketplace, which is where most customers will probably come to compare deals and specifications of cars, how important it is to analyse our audience because it will not only show where we are being successful but also which areas of our demographic we are neglecting and being a part of such an important part of the business sounds very exciting.

I have successfully used several elements of the marketing mix before; When I was at university one of the main modules that we focused on was as working as a team to help market Middlesex book festival. I was given the role of social media coordinator and used twitter and Facebook to interact with and inform our audience of the festival. I was also a professional wrestler in London at the time and had some success in attracting more work by building a connection with fans online, who in turn, were able to influence other promoters into booking me.


2:2 Bachelor Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Media from Middlesex University London.

4 A levels grade A-C in English Literature and Language, Communications and Culture, Biology and Philosophy from Truro College.

2 AS levels grade C in Business Studies and Physical Education also from Truro College.

8 GCSE’s grade A*-C in English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Science, Spanish, Catering, Physical Education and Geography.


Copy Writing:

 I have written a large variety of types of copy that, using an appropriate medium, conveys the intended message to the intended audience. I can write eye catching and concise tweets and SMS messages that alert the reader to the information given and more in depth and informative press releases. I have also written short scripts for YouTube videos and spent a lot of time in my degree analysing effective copy and the effects different visual aspects of an advertisement have on the reader. I am particularly interested in fonts and what emotions they foster towards a brand.

Social Media Planning:

 I am very familiar with social media having used it in a personal and corporate capacity. I have used Hootsuite before to manage several accounts but would be happy to learn any preferred programmes. My most success from using social media was from my time as an independent wrestler where any new bookings are normally gained through fans asking promoters to feature them. I was able to foster a relationship with fans in a "laddy" way and through humorous fan interaction and was even told once by a promoter that he'd never even seen me wrestle before but he booked me because he liked my twitter. I have also used social media in a more formal application as I was head of the department in the university module where we were assigned to promote Middlesex book festival. This was mostly used to promote dates, times and appearances and as part of the marketing mix it helped to increase awareness of the festival. I also like to time social media content so it can be viewed by the largest possible audience of people; often timing tweets or posts to be released during lunch times or at 5-30 when people will have arrived home from work as checking their Facebook/Twitter accounts is often the first thing people do when they come home. It is also important not to oversaturate your audience with too much content as that can risk them unfollowing the account, but I think I walk that line well.

Team work:

I enjoy working as part of a team and have done so in my previous jobs and in many elements of my degree. I helped ensure everyone in the book festival we were assigned to promote was given a role that catered to their talents and preferences. I have also worked in a team setting at my previous jobs in nightclubs, restaurants and department stores. This also involved an element of using my own initiative when all the timetabled jobs were completed. I have also worked in a team in a sports setting and understand how critical good communication and cohesive teamwork is in any group environment. 

Website Updating:

I built a very simple website as part of my degree using html4 but am familiar with SquareSpace and similar programmes that allow you to update websites content.


I have used Google and Twitter analytics before and understand what a crucial part they play in tracking what numbers the brand is reaching, which elements of a digital marketing campaign are working and more importantly what needs to be improved on. I've learnt a lot about search engine optimization and pay-per click marketing and what an important role they play in the marketing mix.

Employment History

PRYZM Nightclub Kingston


September 2015- October 2016

Bentals Department Store Kingston

Cashier/ Stock Level Monitor

November 2015- June 2016

Independent Professional Wrestler

Various London and Surrounding Promotions/

May 2013- October 2016

Wagon Wheel Fish And Chip Shop

Waiter/ Cook/ Cashier

February 2014- June 2015


Crew Member/ Cashier

March 2011-May 2014

Hobbies and Interests

I like most sports. I have taken up boxing this year and still wrestle occasionally. I attend a few football matches each year in London as I am a big West Ham fan. I also am working my way through the IMDB top 250 list of films. 

References: Personal, Professional and Educational references are all available on request.

Thank you for taking the time to read my CV. If you have any questions please contact me via email N/A Or by phone on: N/A

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