Website: https://kv-ibiz.com/?v=707354872d4e#

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KuidaVision/

LinkedIn Account: https://www.facebook.com/KuidaVision/

Pinterest account: https://www.pinterest.com/KuidaKV/


KV INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND CONSULTING is a wholly foreign-owned company located in Shanghai. We offer professional outsourcing services to all business sizes and deliver good quality products. We target wholesalers mainly located in Africa but can serve western countries as well. We also offer services such as China business consulting, business guide in China, entrepreneurial advice, guidance on setting up a WFOE in China & work permit.


We launched a website last year but  still have no engagement and this is mainly due to the fact that we have zero online Presence. We want to get more followers and clients on facebook and pinterest and more business partners on LINKEDIN. 





  4. SUGGESTED SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR IDEAS( recommendation to organize your timing)




  1. Blog/Website

  • Well-designed website and blog. Good presentation and your dominant branding color is green which is perfect to convey nature and create a calming effect while representing growth . 

  • The website is translated  into 104 languages: excellent point.This is exactly what people expect to see when they come to an international business.

  •  The website feels a little busy and overwhelming( many sections) but a few adjustments will help with that.I recommend to keep the most appropriate and useful sections.

  • It seems you have 2 main parts on the website: the shop and the business consulting services. It’s a little difficult to understand how the two things connect: Why do you sell single items  if  you  offer consulting services to people who buy in bulk?  And the products on the shop are not categorized. Everything is mixed up.

  • Wrong Url structure and you need to fix this. A good URL must be intuitive and easy for users to navigate and this is not the case on the website yet.

  • The products on your store can be filtered which is a good point.

  • The Facebook icon gives me an error when I try to open it. 

  1. Facebook:

  • The page isn’t available.

  1. LinkedIn:

  • Excellent professional profile picture: You’re smiling and working at the same time. 

  • I recommend filling out your profile summary a little more. Remember that LinkedIn is a professional network so your potential partners and customers expect you to put your best self out there. I strongly recommend you to strengthen your profile with an excellent profile summary of what you can achieve, offer. 

  • No Business page: A LinkedIn business page is a good way to engage with customers and only focus and talk about your main activities. A business page is actually a good place to share job openings, news, or in-depth information about the products that KV Consulting outsources.

  • You still need to increase your audience. With less than 500 connections, it’s really hard to build partnerships. Everything is about connections so you have to connect to more LinkedIn users.


  •  You have to improve your Pinterest bio. 

  • Create more boards. You do great already. 8 boards and 2 group boards and they are aligned with your brand philosophy. But you need to create more original pins, boards and  join more group boards.

  • Thumbs up for the Pinterest business account. It helps a lot with analytics.


  1. Blog: 

  • You can post as often as once a day, but I recommend starting with 2 blog posts per week. You can schedule the posts on WordPress.

  • Launch a newsletter to send notifications to people each time you publish a blog post.

  • Provide a clear and comprehensive menu section.

  • I suggest adding a testimony sub-section to convince buyers to pay more money for your products or services.

  1. Social media general recommendations:

  • Promptly reply to people who comment on your posts. A genuine and sincere thank you when people purchase your products goes a long way.

  • Always ask for customer feedback. Reviews, when they are positive,  increase the likelihood  of convincing potential partners to make deals and create partnerships. Positive Reviews increase sales and improve a brand reputation. This is a good article on how to ask for customer feedback.

  • You might consider starting your own facebook group.

  • I personally recommend keeping working on these 3 platforms. This is where most of your clients are.

  1. Facebook:

  • It’s recommended to post 1-2 times per day and early in the morning. However, the real data are based on your Facebook insights. Since you might need to create a new Facebook page, I highly recommend posting every day.

  • A mixture of blog posts, infographics, images, and quotes made by you or just shared is perfect.

  • Make a good use of stories on facebook to show your products to a large audience.

  • I recommend 50% of your content is informal while  50% is related to sales. This is to avoid coming across too sale-focused posts.

  • Facebook doesn’t rely on hashtags so you might not need to use them here. 


  • Post once a day or at least 3 times per week. This is the minimum requirement set by  Linkedin itself.

  • Post images and videos. Although quotes and articles also drive engagement.

  • Write down some posts on LinkedIn. This is also a great way to position yourself as an expert. You should publish at least one article  on Linkedin per month.

  •  It’s recommended to use 1-2 hashtags per post. 


  • The recommended number of pins ranges from 3- 30 per day. But 15 pins per day is perfectly fine. 

  • Pin your posts along with other people's posts. 80% of pins on pinterest are re-pins  from you or other people and 20% are original content. 

  • Pinterest drives traffic to websites a lot. The key is consistency. You should pin and re-pin a lot if you want to build up a large audience.

  • Tutorial, guides and DIY pins have 42% higher click through rate than other pins. So I suggest to create more pins on DIY blog posts or guides.


  1. OVERALL BRANDING: You’re doing great here!

  1. STORE: 


  • Higher resolution photos.

  • Clean white background.

  • Categorize your store products. It’s important to categorize your store products even though you still have few items. This will reduce the amount of work that will come later. Using keyword research, this is a product categorization plan- note that I’m not creating sub-categories yet because you don’t have too many products:

  • Electronics: Phones, desk lamps,wifi smart garage door controller, smart frog portable clothes, recorder full hd spy pen, anti-theft solar bag, camera.

  • Baby & Kids: Resin figure kits, smart swab ear cleaning,tablet pc for kids,child toilet ladder chair,

  • Home & furniture: Rechargeable lamps, air purifiers, water purifier, multi-functional pregnancy pillow.

  • Use multiple photos and colours of the same products: 

  • You did this for the multi-functional pregnancy  pillow by uploading different colors of the same product and I encourage you to do the same for all the products which can be differentiated by a colour .

  • Use different angles: This is perfect for electronics and Home & furnitures items like phones or cameras.



  • Fix the facebook icon.

  • Fix the Url structure. Remove this extension ‘?v=707354872d4e’ from all your pages. Keep the url short and simple. Instead of ‘https://kv-ibiz.com/?v=707354872d4e’ you should have something like this ’ https://kv-ibiz.com

  • Website menu layout:

  • I recommend : HOME(About us)  | OUR SERVICES | STORE | CONTACT US| MORE

  • Home( About us).

  • Our Services( services already listed + drop shipping what we sourced).

  • More( Blog+ track order+cart+ checkout+my account)

  • The FAQ’s section can be put at the bottom.

  • I recommend writing long-form blog contents(1500-2000 words) and post them 2-3 days per week. I recommend monday around 11 am EST for traffic and another post on saturday around 9 Am EST to get comments, shares etc. But you will adjust based on analytics and personal observation.


I recommend:

  • Making a new facebook page. This is the first social media action to take. You had a facebook page in the past with more than 500 followers which represents a small but credible audience. You absolutely need to make a new and fresh one to put your activity in front of a massive audience. Facebook is THE place to be for a business like yours.

  • Post 1-2 posts per day using the facebook scheduler tool. It’s free and easy to use. Post between 9-10 AM, 11am-12 noon and 4-5pm. But again it’s better to use more precise options to find the optimum time for your facebook audience. Facebook insights is your best asset for this. The spikes on your data indicate the time your audience is most active.

  • Make a video presentation for your cover picture. I recommend Makermoon to create professional videos for free. 

  • Upload your logo for your profile picture.

  • Content recommendations:

  • Blog posts.

  • Positive reviews or feedback from your customers.

  • Share any new and trending products that you are selling.

  • Share news and any other relevant information that has a bearing on your activity.

  • Share pieces of your journey & experience: videos, images, gifs .

  • Host a live event on facebook at least once per month. This is a good way to help people connect with you and your brand. Do this between 1-3pm.


I recommend:

  • Creating a linkedin page.

  • Post at least once per day. But that can seem overwhelming when you’re starting so starting 3-5 posts per week is still progress with the end goal of posting daily. You can start posting on Wednesday from 8–10 a.m. and noon, Thursday at 9 a.m. and 1–2 p.m., and Friday at 9 a.m. Unless facebook, the only way to have your linkedin insights is to launch a campaign, or use a paid third-party automation tool.

  • Publish  at least one article per month of 800 words minimum. And 

 Link  your website blog posts. You only have one article published 2 years ago.

  • Increase your audience, connect to more business owners and partners. I suggest sending 20-50 invitations per day 3-4 times per week. 

  • Content recommendation:

  • Sharing text only and images+text posts: I’ve seen that these posts drive more engagement(likes and shares) on your account so you should continue with this. You can also add videos+texts posts. You hardly post videos on linkedin  but you should definitely change this. 

  • Sharing Industry changes or news. 

  • Company events: Talk about what’s happening on KV right now or which events are coming soon. This can be a training session, a charity event or sport activity.

  • Personal achievements that reflect well on your or your organization( new certification, award , contract or partnership).

  • Profile summary suggestion: I would recommend something like this:

  • ‘ I love selling and making deals. I never thought  that my passion for programming could lead me to this.

I moved to china 5 years ago to pursue a computer degree. I got my degree but I yearned to learn  more, I yearned to learn something different. And 3 years ago that’s what happened. I used to buy electronics ( phones and phone accessories) for friends living in Cameroon and Nigeria and I noticed that they were purchasing more and more items  and more quantities. I then decided to look for resellers who might be interested in buying phones and other electronic gadgets from china to sell it in their countries. I got my first, second, third client and then launched a company.

The way we do business in China is totally different from Africa( at least for some countries). I learned many things along the way, I built strong partnerships with merchants, manufacturers in Shanghai and other parts of the country.

For any product, item that you want to source from china,  business advice in the chinese market , or  guidance on setting up a WFOE in China & work permit, entrust your dream to us, KV INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS & CONSULTING. With over 300 happy customers and 150 trusted suppliers, we are never ending thirst to provide excellent service and great deals….’


I recommend:

  • You used to pin 4-5 pins per day, which is great but I suggest at least 15+ pins per day. Re-pin other people's content too.This can seem overwhelming when you’re starting out, but I recommend choosing a day for this. You can schedule pins directly on the platform but you can only schedule 30 pins for 2 weeks. Another option is to use a third-party service like tailwind.

  • The key here is consistency. Always links pins to your website/blog. Add a pin button to appear on your products images.

  • You should add boards that are related to the products that KV sources: Apparels,pet products, beauty & hair, health, sport & outdoor, garden & tools, baby, kids & toys, Computer & office, Home & kitchen, automobile & parts, Machinery.

  • Update your pinterest bio: 

  • I suggest  ’ We are a trade and consulting company operating from china to all over the world// Follow us here to see what inspires us & to keep updated in our posts.’


Below is the link to the google sheet with the social media content calendar.

Before jumping to this I think it’s important to mention that your social media  posts can be created once per week. I strongly recommend setting aside one day a week to prepare as much as social media content you can. 

Link to the social media content calendar . This is a monthly calendar ideas for your pinterest, facebook and likedin accounts:xxxxxxx.nje





  • Hashtags are used mostly on social media sites to search , share and identify messages around a specific topic.

  • Hashtags are mainly  used on twitter, Instagram, pinterest and linkedin. They are also used on facebook but they don’t provide the same level of engagement there like in other social media channels.

  • Suggested hashtags for your linkedin posts (remember, it’s recommended to use 1-2 hashtags per post):

  • #businessconsulting #business #businessowner #businesscards #businesscoach #businessideas #businessopportunity #outsourcing #outsource #outsourcingservices #chinalife #chinatownnyc #chinatour #chinatown #chinatravel 


 On the following sheet, you’ll have the lists of facebook groups, pinterest group boards and influencers to reach: 




  • CANVA: Free graphic design. Canva is THE graphic platform to absolutely know. You can create any image,infographic or flyers that will be used in your social media posts. Use this to create pins for your boards, facebook and linkedin pictures.

  • MAKERMOON: Makermoon is a video maker website. You can create professional videos for free in a few minutes.

  • Unsplash: Free high-quality photos available in minutes. You can find almost anything that you want in high resolution.

  • Google: Google is also a trusted and verified source of images. However avoid downloading those that are covered by the creative common zero License. 


  • Tweetdeck: Free scheduler tool for twitter. You should also add bettertweetdeck to schedule tweets with emojis. 

  • Facebook scheduler: Schedule , automate and analyse your posts on facebook for free. Go to your facebook page and click on ‘publishing tools’.

  • Social pilot: This is the best automation tool ever. I have been using this for a while and I’ve never been disappointed. You can schedule posts on twitter, instagram, facebook, linkedin or pinterest. You have access to all the  insights of the social media account: engagement rate, new followers, number of shares, tweets, re-tweets etc. It costs $30/mo.

  • Tailwind: This is THE scheduler tool for pinterest. It costs $10/mo, You can schedule as many pins as you can and have access to your analytics.


KV Inter

ITradeIICo., Ltd (Shanghai) is a Wholly Foreign-Owned company founded in Shanghai.KV International Trade Co., Ltd (Shanghai) is a Wholly Foreign-Owned company founded in Shanghai. KV International Trade Co., Ltd (Shanghai) is a Wholly Foreign-Owned company founded in ShanghaiKV International Trade Co., Ltd (Shanghai) is a Wholly Foreign-Owned company founded in Shangh


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